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Simpleton question about superstrings

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    I apologize in advance- I'm not gifted in the area of science- but I do enjoy reading about quantum physics, superstrings, GUT, etc. So this question is "sub-elementary"- but I can't find an explanation.

    Okay- superstrings "vibrate"- all at their own unique vibrational speed? What's the energy source that causes them to vibrate at whatever level? Is it one of the 4 universal forces, or a combo of them?

    And on a sidetrack- if superstrings also comprise atoms and living things and nature- how does the order of nature, i.e., the Fibonacci numbers, and the golden ratio relate to the subatomic make-up of the natural world?
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    The ubiquity of fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio in patterns we see in the natural world is not at this stage understood in terms of fundamental physics. Heres a quote from Richard Feynman :

    The next great awakening of the human intellect may well produce a method of understanding the qualitative content of equations.Today we cannot. Today we cannot see that the water flow equations contain such things as the barber pole structure of turbulence that one sees between rotating cylinders. Today we cannot see whether Schrödinger's equation contains frogs, musical composers, or morality—or whether it does not.
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