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Simulating Sub-Atomic Particles

  1. Feb 25, 2013 #1
    I want to create a simulation (solely for entertainment, not for homework or research or anything) where up and down quarks along with electrons will be placed randomly on a 2d grid.

    After that I would simulate the forces acting between the particles, and see if the quarks form protons and neutrons, then the protons, neutrons and electrons form atoms.

    I'm not looking to code an accurate simulation, just something interesting to watch evolve. My background is in programming, not maths and physics, so I don't want to have to solve PDE's etc.

    Are there any similar simulations which I could get some ideas from?

    Any advice on how to approach this problem would be great :)
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    If that is the case then you wont really be simulating sub-atomic particles though, right? Just forget any tie to particles and code up your system how you like.
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    OP, I'm afraid what you seek is likely impossible. These are hard quantum systems, and they cannot be described with anything except for high-dimensional Schroedinger equations (the dimensionality grows with each particle). It is not even the sub-atomic part which makes this hard: It is already the case if you just consider atomic or molecular systems, i.e., just electrons the field of point-charge nuclei.
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