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Simulation program and industries

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    I'd like an idea about simulation programs and how it can be applied to industries. Here is some of the simulation program ideas I happen to run across on Google. All the way from data calculations, 2D cell game to 3D crash proof simulations. I want to hear your thoughts and some of the most ridiculous programs that would earn you cash.
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    What do you mean by "ridiculous"? Are you looking for the simulation equivalent of the Pet Rock?
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    For instance, Agar.io. You'd be able to run it as a simulation and check for the average size of the cells. Or since I work for a shoe company as a software programmer. I'd do a simulation on the shoe retirement rate versus the general population to check how many shoes would get sold. I think simulation program deserves to have its own office inside a company, but I've never seen such a thing established.
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    There are companies with Operations Research and/or Industrial Engineering departments that do a lot of simulation, optimization, and analysis work. A lot of other Engineering groups in companies use simulation for their analysis. But I am still confused by the word "ridiculous".
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    Cool, ridiculous as of the most interesting simulation you've heard that actually earns money.
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    Oh! A lot of airframe manufacturers have flight simulators. They are specialized for the avionics and handling qualities of their particular product. That may interest you.
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    Hmm, something like this. Shape changes with genetic algorithm.

    P.S. Now if you can apply this to the flight simulator it would be cool lol
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    This looks interesting. But we need some type of control variable that would be our goal, let it be environment setup or molecular structure hmm
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    I work in a chemical company and even there that is a problem. Main reason: almost everyone does it, so the need for genuine expertise isn't considered seriously. In the mean time millions worth of process knowledge is buried unrecognizably and non-transferable in convoluted spreadsheet monsters.
    I always call simulation and modelling "a horizontal column" -- a base for all other organizational columns, but in reality treated as part of a ruin.
    IT has gone the same route somewhat.
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    I'm not really good with Chemistry myself. I'd say you can probably analyze the formula with the molecular diagram, then test if the combination with a variable compound can be constructed(based on atomic number and type of bonds). I'm not sure if the 3D diagram angle would be a factor. You can probably create your own molecular design as well using a simulation. It might be easier for someone to work out the software first
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