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Simulink Help (i would imagine its a pretty simple solution)

  1. Mar 16, 2009 #1
    I have a system, setup to simulate the braking of a vehicle.

    the vehicle decelerates from 400 mph to zero using a parachute, and conventional brakes

    the parachute deploys at 400mph

    to prevent the brakes from overheating they need to be used at a lower velocity

    at present i have a simulink model which takes into account the parachute, the drag force off the car, and the wheel brakes, all from 400mph.


    does anyone know what sort of 'block' would be most appropriate to stop the constant 'wheelbrakes' having any effect until v=200mph?


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    as it turn out, it was! i used the embedded matlab function to write a simple if statement...

    so simple whaen you know how..
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