Simulink Definition and 30 Discussions

Simulink is a MATLAB-based graphical programming environment for modeling, simulating and analyzing multidomain dynamical systems. Its primary interface is a graphical block diagramming tool and a customizable set of block libraries. It offers tight integration with the rest of the MATLAB environment and can either drive MATLAB or be scripted from it. Simulink is widely used in automatic control and digital signal processing for multidomain simulation and model-based design.

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  1. M

    Engineering How to implement a transfer function in Simulink with variable coefficients?

    The implementations for the two filters in simulink are as follow: For the first filter: For the second one: The obtained results have values of 10^-12, while the expected results should be between 10^-3 - 10. Since it's the first time when I try t implement a tf with variable coefficients I...
  2. P

    Engineering How do I use Simulink to create a control system with a 2nd order ODE?

    Equation: , where matrix D, C, G and F can be represented by I'm supposed to design a control system that looks like this: I am given that the dynamic model = fcn(D,C,G,dq) where the dq is the same as 𝑞̇ and d2q in the diagram is the same 𝑞̈. The default initial value of [𝑞(0), 𝑞̇(0)] is...
  3. M

    A Solving a differential equation with two unknowns

    One thing that is given in paper (attached) is a operating set point for temperature which is given as 20 for day and 16 for night but I do not know whether its initial condition for temperature or not. Can anyone please guide me that what kind of equation is it and how can I solve it with these...
  4. S

    Problem with PMSM motor model in Simulink

    Good afternoon, I have developed a Vector Control for a PMSM motor in Simulink using Simscape Electrical but my motor is not spinning. I have tried applying various speed values but nothing happens. I am applying a step signal from 0 to 300 but the motor speed still doesn't move. My error...
  5. V

    Mathematical Modeling of an evaporator for evaporating water

    I am trying to model an evaporator which evaporates water to steam in Matlab/simulink. Are there any governing equations i need to know and follow when modelling the evaporator mathematically? Please let me know.
  6. V

    Mathematical modeling of a screw compressor

    I am trying to design a compressor in simulink. the mathematical equations has been modeled. but i just need, is there any relation to find the rate of change of volume with respect to time in compressor. Are there any equations or relations to find the rate of change in volume. As its a...
  7. K

    MATLAB Spring mass impact system in Matlab - How to correct it?

    I am new to Simulink and I wanted to start practicing using a spring mass damper system. My first tutorial was this: Later, I wanted to model a spring system where a mass moving at a known velocity hits the spring. The governing equation and a similar modeling method given in the previous...
  8. M

    Simulate distance protection in simulink

    Hi, I'm learning Electrical engineering, and I'm trying to Simulate distance protection, using matlab/simulink I searched google and it has many documents about this problem, but those only show the result, and also i can't find any simulation file So i have many questions : 1. how to calculate...
  9. N

    Gas pressure regulator model in Simscape

    Hello, I want to develop a pressure regulator model in simscape. The model will be the springloaded direct acting system and the aim is to target outlet pressure, temperature and flow rate by giving input parameters as pressure, temperature, spring stiffness, length and preload, lever(it is...
  10. S

    Simulink bloc of PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) parameters

    greetings. I designed a system on simulink. it is missing a pmsm. I found a block on simpowersystems in simulink nde matlab. I hope that this engine provides a nominal power of 96kw and maximum of 100kw. so how to test it? to verify that this engine can deliver these two powers? cordially. said.
  11. Nikhil N

    Dynamic modeling of a system and transients of the system

    Consider, I have a dynamic system model for air compressor. Which means I have modeled the system by including its physics. Does this means I also included the transients of the system? What I think is, when i modeled any system with equations, I think that includes the transients. Is it...
  12. F

    Converting Simulink model to C code, integration

    Dear Forumers, Given a simulink model: I would like to implement fast code for it. I have no access to matlib or simulink at all, so I tried to implement the simulation in C code. Code for the block...
  13. P

    MATLAB Simulink: designing a 2nd order sliding controller

    Hi, I've had obtained a mathematical model for the slip controller issue. As you see I have the diffequation for the slip. and the input that force the system to zero error is provided as well. Now it's time to implement it in simulink or matlab. I took a look at the example provided on...
  14. P

    Novice trouble modeling a system in Simulink

    Greetings, For the past 5 days i have been learning how to use simulink.I decided to try and model a mechanical system described by the equations in the picture below.I provide a second picture with my work so far.A couple of questions that i have are: a)How do i include the first equation? and...
  15. Sirsh

    MATLAB Issues Replicating Simulink Model within MATLAB (2DOF)

    Hey all, I've been trying to debug a model I've created of a 4DOF geared system within Simulink by reproducing the results in MATLAB going from a 2DOF upwards to verify the dynamics are acting correctly. At the moment I am purely trying to model the stiffness between two gears, my equations...
  16. Sirsh

    4DOF Spur Gear System - Eigenvalues not corresponding with the Eqns?

    Hi there, I am modelling a four degree of freedom system which is the dynamics of two spur gears in mesh, having two rotational and two translation degrees of freedom, respectively, a diagram exhibiting the system can be seen below. I have derived the equations of motion (EOM) and...
  17. srinaath

    Generating SPWM using arduino-simulink environment

    hi trying to generate sinusoidal pulse width modulation using arduino-simulink for my inverter board...I simulated the SPWM logic in simulink, then installed the required support package for arduino-simulink...but i am facing some problems...I started from linking arduino...
  18. Z

    Automotive Vehicle and Engine Simulink Model Engine rpm calculation

    Hello Everyone, I am designing Simulink model for HIL testing. Basic concept: Input: Throttle angle ----> Injection timing from that I have calculated requested torque (% of max torque)(chekced and correct) Real torque follows requested torque with delay. (long list of conditions depending on...
  19. M

    The battery equivalent internal impedance equation

    Homework Statement Hello, long story short: I need to create a model of Li-Ion battery and I'm stuck on calculating the battery equivalent internal impedance. The thing is, I don't know the equation or even how to make one. However, I have a circuit drawing: Homework Equations Values in...
  20. A

    How to design an impulse input in Matlab Simulink

    Homework Statement I would like to know a way to design an impulse input in a Matlab Simulink model. I know there are step input and ramp input blocks but there is no impulse input block. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution If any working is needed please let me know
  21. A

    Could someone please check my Simulink Diagram

    Homework Statement I was asked to draw a Simulink Model for the above (car suspension) system. m = 250kg k, spring constant = 70000N/m c, damping coefficient = 3000N/m/s Homework Equations If any equations are needed please let me know The Attempt at a Solution The question says to draw...
  22. W

    Bungee jump -> differential equation -> simulink simulation

    Hello guys, I found this forum using google because I need help with simulating bungee jump model. I've already done that with zero initial values and it looks good but I want it more realistic : Let's say L is the length of rope so elasticity force starts acting when y=L so logically time...
  23. engnrshyckh

    Second order differential equation

    i am given an equation which i have to solve in simulink. the equation is quite veered to me. some one help me in understanding what kind of equation it is so that i can solve it in MATLAB simulink. (2+x^2)theta'' + (2xx' +1)theta' + 9.8(xcostheta-sinthetha)-x''=T
  24. G

    How to combine two PID controllers in one system?

    I have a model of car, my aim is to make a simple model of adaptive cruise control. The only input to this model is a user set distance (range 2 to 50 meters), this is the distance that our vehicle should maintain between itself and the leading vehicle. I plan to control this using throttle and...
  25. N

    Matlab Simulink: Simulate the height of ball thrown upward

    Homework Statement Upthrow simulation Conditions: initial velocity v=10m/s, initial height h=0m when t=0. Gravity acceleration g=10m/s2 . Using Simulink to simulate the variation of height with time when t≥0. Homework Equations I figured that the governing equation should be: Height =...
  26. V

    Simulink help for getting a frequency I can use as an input

    Ok, say I have a sine wave block that has a frequency of 60Hz. What can I do to get that frequency as a number so I can use it as an input to another block? I've tried various things such as a "sign" block that counts when it switches from positive to negative and then a counter that resets...
  27. T

    Data scrambler in simulink

    hi , i am designing a data scrambler block in simulink. it is for wimax system so i have designed one using delay units, XOR gates.i used the specification specified for the initial condition of delay elements and feedback connection according to wimax forum specifications, but i am not able to...
  28. A

    Simulink: warning Log in zero in one function

    Hello, I have this problem (warning: log of zero in one function) when i try to simulate one system which apparentely doesn't have any problem. in order to follow with my project i need to know how to change something parameters or whatever that is doing that my equation give me this mistake...
  29. Z

    Motion level forward kinematics on Simulink

    I have built a Forward kinematic block with s-function on simulink. This FK is for a pantograph. Input is two angles of the motors and output is the position and 4 angles, which are the inputed motor angles along with angles of two elbows. Now, I need a motion level FK which will output the...
  30. cherylt

    Simulink Help

    Dear all, I am pretty bad at Simulink and I want to draw out a half wave sinusoid with the equation: I(t)=360sin(pi*t/0.4), 0<=t<=0.4 I(t)= 0 , 0.4<t<=1 Any help or suggestions? I've tried using the Sine block with amp=360 and freq=7.85 but the graph looks weird. I want to...