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Sir Author Eddington and Einstein's GTR

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    Hello, I have a question or two about Sir Author Eddington's proof of Einstein's GTR.

    1)How did or what technique did Sir Eddington use to know where to get the best photo of the eclipse.

    2)Can someone explain the experimental technique behind his proof of Einstein's GTR

    Many thanks from a layperson.
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    eddington never tested gtr
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    For question 1, I can't give the specifics, but predicting where and when solar eclipses would occur has been known for a long time.

    For 2, the general idea was to have a picture of the star positions at night and then compare it to a picture of the stars positioned in the sky near the sun at the time of the eclipse. The apparent shift in position was measured and compared to that predicted by general relativity. It was close enough for Eddington to proclaim the success of GR.
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    Thanks for your help Mathman.
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