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Testing Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, CompTIA A+, & more

  1. Aug 17, 2016 #1
    Hi People,

    I'm being scheduled to take the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam sometime in the summer 2017. They already have the registration deadlines/dates up for 2017 already.

    It's an Open-book, open-notes, calculator-allowed test according to what I've been reading online.

    I'm already a Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt. I just called the American Society for Quality (ASQ, the legal certifying organization). They said they deleted the work experience requirement for the Green Belt. Thus, I'm now eligible for the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt.
    My intentions are also to at least try to sit for the CompTIA A+ 220-901/220-902 exams also maybe that same summer. I need my feet in the door of my field(s) ASAP. The sooner the better.
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    Do you have a question?
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    No, just something I'm excited about.
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    This area is generally for academic advice, don't see the relevance of the thread.

    I wouldn't be excited about a bureaucratic management fad test, hope you aren't paying money in the hopes it helps you find a job.
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