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Sizing Cooling towers

  1. Jul 13, 2016 #1
    Hi guys,

    I have question regarding cooling towers. I have been asked to check if cooling towers would be efficient and economical to cooling system for a power plant to be installed in Weymouth, England.

    As per my calculations, heat to be rejected (in the condenser) from the system is 20 MW.
    I'm not familiar with cooling towers and I need help calculating (very roughly) the size of the tower required, parasitic loads, mass flow rate of water and air and quantity of make-up water?

    Heat energy to be rejected= 20 MW
    Temp of working fluid in the condenser has to be dropped from 30 deg C to 19 deg C
    Wet bulb temperature of the area is 9 deg C
    Avg temperature of area 14 - 16 deg C
    Relative humidity is 85 - 90 %

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.
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    Yes, I agree its a waste. I'm urging the people involved to use this heat in other processes at the site.
    Area is a major concern here and that is the reason why I'm interested in the area the cooling tower would occupy
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    As I said it's not my field but I found a "rule of thumb" design guide from 1981 that I suppose might help. Not SI units though.


    It also looks like there are companies producing calculators for their cooling tower products. I think I'd contact one or two that design these for a living to see what they would recommend. They would probably do most of the work for you.
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    This is really helpful. Thank you :D
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