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Sizing of a hyperbolic cooling tower

  1. Oct 22, 2012 #1
    Hello. I need to estimate height and diameter of a cooling tower. My water requirements are 50000 m3/h, for a cooling duty of about 730 000 000 kcal/h. For this capacity, I thought that an hyperbolic tower, natural draft, would be the best choice. Am I right?

    Water temperatures in-out would be 50ºC-35ºC. My wet bulb T is 28ºC.

    A second question: this capacity is the maximum I will need for my project life. Which are normal turndown rates for this kind of tower? Is it worth thinking on 2-3 towers considering the time vs capacity required curve?

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    I forgot mentioning that there is a 82% of relative humidity (average value)
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