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Homework Help: Skateboarder with a mass of 150kg

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    A skateboarder with a mass of 150 kg is traveling at a final velocity of 13m/s and collides with a steel dumpster. The dumpster does not move. The skateboarder comes to a stop at 0.25 seconds. What is his rate of acceleration as he stops? How much force does he exert on the dumpster?

    Can someone help me please.
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    Can you write down an equation for the relationship between time, acceleration and change in velocity?
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    Initial velocity= 13ms^-1
    Final velocity= 0ms^-1
    Time= 0.25s

    A) Rate of acceleration = (V-U)/T = (0-13)/0.25 = -52ms^-2

    B) Force exerted on the dumpster= F= (MV)/ T = (150*13)/0.25 = 7800N

    I think?
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    That looks correct to me! Average acceleration is change in velocity divided by change in time. Force exerted is equal to the change in momentum.
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