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Medical Sleep, How little is too little

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    I was just wondering how much sleep you actually need to stay alive and healthy.

    I sleep very little, 6 hours on a good and normally more like 4 hours. The thing is however I feel totally fine and no matter what I do I can't sleep any more, I was talking to my cousin about this and he says that that of sleep is not enough and could be bad for my health????

    The thing that I find makes me sleep so little is the fact that I only go to bed when I'm tired think working as a baliff for a land owner in scotland over the summer at uni did this to me.


    Ps This is not a medical diagnosis it just me wanting to know whether sleeping when you are tired is a bad idea
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    The amount of sleep a person needs can vary widely. You are within the normal range. The key is how you feel. if it ever starts to bother you mentally or physically or if you want to be certain you do not have any current health issues, please visit your doctor. Always better to be safe rather than sorry.
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