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Medical Slightly large hole in my forehead

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    So after a long night of partying, I found myself with a slightly large hole in my forehead being held together by 4 stitches . Being that this is on my forehead and that I do not want to go through life with a Harry Potter scar, what are the best options for preventing scars?...The stitches are still in my head and come out Wednesday/Thursday.
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    Re: Scarring

    The scar could diminish in time as the skin cells die off and are replaced. It really depends on the width of the scar tissure. I had scars on my face and nose from a car accident in which glass was embedded in my tissue. A couple of scars, which were particularly deep, remain, and there is a permanent scar on my scalp, which was also from a deep laceration. The scarring on my nose is not really noticeable.

    If one is in the teens or early 20's, the scar may dissipate by the time one is in one's thirties. As one ages, wounds (lacerations, particularly deep ones) produce scars that are more or less permanent. I have a nice two inch scar on my right forearm from a wound I received several years ago when I brushed my arm against the sharp tip of a nail.

    Perhaps vitamin-E applied to skin might help the healing process.
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    Re: Scarring

    Go to the pharmacy and ask if they have cream available that prevent scarring, they should have one (I don't know whether the brand Biodermal is available?). Apply it once the stitches have come out (not when it is still open). The cream will keep the area hydrated and will improve the healing process. Once the healing is well underway it will be good to massage the area a little, to improve circulation and break up tough connective tissue that might form. And don't peal on the scabs once the stitches come out, let them fall off by themselves.

    I actually have a scar on my forehead in between my eyes, it is my third eye o:) (Hindu friends thought it is an auspicious sign :smile:)
    I got it when I was barely walking so I really don't even notice that it is there.
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