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Slope of the position vs. time graph

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    Guys,Please Help me with this question.It would be very very greatful.

    Explain what physics quantity the slope of the position vs. time graph represents?:confused:

    I tried but i couldnt find it so..Please Help me.i need to write it in my HW.and its due on 17th Jan.
    Thank You.
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    Welcome to PF. Please note that in order to answer homework questions, we must first see some of your own working. For example, do you know how to express the gradient of a position-time graph as a fraction? Do you know a formula linking d,t and another variable?

    Also, in future please post in the homework forums.
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    If the position of an object changes with time, what does this tell you about the object in question. Hint: rate of change.
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