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Homework Help: Small Cannon Displacement Problem

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    I had a small cannon on a desk where the projectile was shot out at 1.08 meters above the floor. The projectile's time taken to hit the floor was 0.452 seconds. The cannon is set to 0 degrees above horizontal. The horizontal distance traveled is 2.3 meters. Acceleration is gravity or -9.81 meters per seconds squared. we found velocity to be 5.0885 meters per second.

    Here's where the real problem comes in. Our teacher gave us a new angle to shoot the ball and we must predict where the ball will hit on the ground. Our angle was 50 degrees above horizontal. So how far away from the cannon does the ball end up? Please tell me your work, equations used, and final answer. Thank you.
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    You will need the following equations and know how to use them,

    x = x_i + v_ix*t
    y = y_i + v_iy*t + a*t^2/2
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