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A cannon is a large-caliber gun classified as a type of artillery, and usually launches a projectile using explosive chemical propellant. Gunpowder ("black powder") was the primary propellant before the invention of smokeless powder during the late 19th century. Cannons vary in gauge, effective range, mobility, rate of fire, angle of fire and firepower; different forms of cannon combine and balance these attributes in varying degrees, depending on their intended use on the battlefield.
The word cannon is derived from several languages, in which the original definition can usually be translated as tube, cane, or reed. In the modern era, the term cannon has fallen into decline, replaced by guns or artillery, if not a more specific term such as howitzer or mortar, except for high-caliber automatic weapons firing bigger rounds than machine guns, called autocannons.
The earliest known depiction of cannons appeared in Song dynasty China as early as the 12th century; however, solid archaeological and documentary evidence of cannons do not appear until the 13th century. In 1288 Yuan dynasty troops are recorded to have used hand cannon in combat, and the earliest extant cannon bearing a date of production comes from the same period. By the early 14th century, depictions of cannon had appeared in the Middle East and Europe, and recorded usage of cannon began appearing almost immediately after. By the end of the 14th century, cannons were widespread throughout Eurasia. Cannons were used primarily as anti-infantry weapons until around 1374, when large cannons were recorded to have breached walls for the first time in Europe. Cannons featured prominently as siege weapons, and ever larger pieces appeared. In 1464 a 16,000 kg (35,000 lbs) cannon known as the Great Turkish Bombard was created in the Ottoman Empire. Cannons as field artillery became more important after 1453, with the introduction of limber, which greatly improved cannon maneuverability and mobility. European cannons reached their longer, lighter, more accurate, and more efficient "classic form" around 1480. This classic European cannon design stayed relatively consistent in form with minor changes until the 1750s.

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  1. GinaMitchell

    Engineering Science Fair Air Cannon Help

    Hi - I built an air cannon to launch a fishing lure for my science fair project. The air cannon launched a 1/4 oz lure 31.4 meters. Based on this, I calculated the initial velocity to be 17.54 m/s using the formula for range of a projectile. I want to be able to launch the lure 38.5 meters. I am...
  2. earh1liw13w35sw5e

    Kinetic energy of the Monster Hunter cannon

    If you want to find out the kinetic energy (the unit is GJ as in other cannons) of the gunpowder cannon that appears in Monster Hunter, what do you need and how can you calculate it?
  3. G

    B Unleashing the Power of Nuclear Borehole Cannon: Shooting Projectiles into Space

    I was just wondering. If one used a shielded tungsten projectile and some small diameter nuclear devices could someone shoot a projectile into space by using a borehole drilled into the Earth like a cannon barrel?
  4. Limebat

    Atmosphere and volume - vacuum cannon limitations

    https://physics.csuchico.edu/~eayars/publications/AJP00961.pdf http://www.phys.utk.edu/demoroom/MECH/The%20Vacuum%20Canon.pdfSo I get the outside atmosphere is what provides air density and such in the pdf above^. However, why is it that most cannon demonstrations use just the air from the...
  5. brotherbobby

    Maximum range on ground for an elevated cannon

    I sketch a diagram for the problem and show it to the right. My approach is going to be along the following lines : (1) Use the equation of motion in the ##x## direction to express the total time of flight ##T## as a function of the range and initial angle ##T = T(R, \theta_0)##. (2) Plug this...
  6. P

    Acceleration of a pumpkin from an air cannon

    Summary: what is the equation for a pumkin's acceleration when the air pressure in not constant. My Daughter and I are going to Pumpkin chunkin for the first time. I would like to get two orange shirts and scribble: what part of this don't you understand: (DifEq?) acceleration of a pumpkin...
  7. R

    Find the energy lost of the system of a t-shirt cannon

    I don’t even know where to start. I especially don’t know how I would find the energy inside of the pump that would then be released to shoot a T-shirt.
  8. BriggsFz

    Air Cannon Air Speed Calculations

    I am working on an Air Blast Cannon for work and am having trouble finding the proper formulas to calibrate it. This Cannon needs to have a barrel with about a 4 inch bore. It will only be used to generate high speed air blasts, so it will not have a projectile. Are there any formulas or online...
  9. A

    Calculating spring constant of a spring loaded cannon

    Homework Statement if you wanted to build a spring launched cannon that will shoot you over a building that is 35 m high and 30 m wide, and the cannon is being shot at 60 degrees. If the cannon can be no more than 2 m long, what spring constant do you need in the spring to make this work? here...
  10. J

    Cannon on a vertical tower

    Homework Statement A cannon that is capable of firing a shell at speed v0 is mounted on a vertical tower of height h that overlooks a level plain below. Show that the elevation angle α at which the cannon must be set to achieve maximum range is given by the expression csc2(α) = 2(1+gh/V02)...
  11. A

    Projectile motion of a cannon ball versus time

    Homework Statement A cannon is inclined about the horizontal by an angle of 45° and it launches projectiles with initial velocity of ##v_p=300m/s##. A small airplane moves horizontally with a constant velocity of ##-100m/s##(so it is directed to the cannon) at high of ##500m##. If at ##t=0s##...
  12. karush

    MHB A daredevil is shot out of a cannon

    $\textsf{ A daredevil is shot out of a cannon at $45^\circ$ to the horizontal with an initial speed of 25.0 m/s.}$ $\textsf{ A net is positioned a horizontal distance of 50.0 m from the canon.}\\$ $\textit{At what height above the cannon should the net be placed in order to catch the...
  13. S

    Non-Latex T-Shirt Slingshot for Robotics Team: Ideas for Band Alternatives

    I am part of a robotics team and even though I know very little engineering I would like to create a t shirt slingshot without latex. Any ideas on bands I can use for that, that is not latex
  14. infinitebubble

    Physics behind Predator's Shoulder Cannon

    Avid fan of the Predator series of movies and the technology of the weapons of choice for the predator characters. Of interest is the shoulder mounted cannon that fires plasma bolts directed by their laser tracking device. All this technology is either in use today or in the lab/miniaturization...
  15. D

    Thermodynamics of a cannon ball / musket ball shot bullet

    I am a computer scientist currently writing a 3D simulation for high speed projectiles both sub and supersonic for various shapes and sizes of projectiles. For now I am focused on completing simulation of a simple model of a round ball shaped projectile (ie a cannonball or musket shot). I like...
  16. R

    Calculating Pressure and Volume for an Air Cannon Tank

    Morning all, I am working on a Air Cannon Project and have hit a stumbling block. I am trying to work out what tank pressure and volume I would need to project a 1.4kg mass to 83m/s when it leaves the barrel. The barrel the mass will travel down is 4 meters long and 6inch in diameter, would...
  17. kalpalned

    Maximize distance from cannon

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Hint given in problem statement Quadratic formula The Attempt at a Solution The correct answer is theta = 70.5 degrees. I'd like to know if I'm on the right track. Do I simply solve for theta? Is there a better approach that circumvents all of this...
  18. R

    Dynamics: Cannon ball and the moving gun

    https://postimg.org/image/z96a0jn8b/ https://postimg.org/image/z96a0jn8b/ link to image (bcs the feature doesn't work): https://postimg.org/image/z96a0jn8b/ 1. Homework Statement A cannon (mass m_c) is standing on the ground before it fires a cannon ball (mass m_b). At the time t_0=0. the...
  19. farolero

    Is Jules Verne's space cannon posible with a breathable fluid?

    "Liquid immersion provides a way to reduce the physical stress of G forces. Forces applied to fluids are distributed as omnidirectional pressures. Because liquids cannot be practically compressed, they do not change density under high acceleration such as performed in aerial maneuvers or space...
  20. G

    Projectile Motion: Finding Velocity at Net Height

    Homework Statement The Great Projecto is fired from a cannon at a velocity of 29.8 m/s at an angle of 50.4 degrees. He lands in a net which is 2.0 m above his starting elevation. What is his velocity when he hits the net? Homework Equations sin=opp/hyp cos=adj/hyp The Attempt at a Solution...
  21. J

    Cannon Shot based on velocity

    Homework Statement You are in charge of a cannon that exerts a force 11200 N on a cannon ball while the ball is in the barrel of the cannon. The length of the cannon barrel is 2.18 m and the cannon is aimed at a 37.9 ◦ angle from the ground. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . If you...
  22. L

    Recoil velocity of a cannon

    Homework Statement A 1000 kg cannon shoots a 30 kg shell at an angle of 25 degrees above the horizontal and a speed of 500 m/s with respect to the ground. What is the recoil velocity of the cannon? Homework Equations Not sure The Attempt at a Solution I really don't know where to begin. The...
  23. B

    Projectile motion cannon shot

    Homework Statement Warren weights 70 kg and is shot out of a cannon at 25 degrees above the horizontal. the cannon barrel tip is 1.34m above the ground and the cannon has a mass of 203kg. What is Warren's initial launch velocity?Homework Equations I don't even knowThe Attempt at a Solution I...
  24. I

    Air Cannon School Project Firing Paper Projectile

    Hey guys building an air cannon for class that shoots a wad of paper from a normal sheet of 8.5/11 paper will be dry. Question is... Is Psi more important or CFM with this light weight projectile? Plan on building from PVC, can do 100psi easy. Plan on using a diaphragm valve with a solenoid for...
  25. M

    Building an air cannon that shoots a wad of paper

    We are building an air cannon that shoots a wad of paper. I know the volume of the tank, the pressure of the tank, the size of the barrel, and the weight of the object. I need to know how to solve for initial velocity given this information. I will use the Vi to find the estimated distance...
  26. D

    The math behind an Air Cannon

    Greetings all. My son has asked me to help him build a small air cannon. He is very interested in the sciences, especially physics, and always wants to know as much as possible about things of that nature. The cannon we are building has the following specifications: It will be made out of sch...
  27. Z

    Ball fired from cannon homework

    Homework Statement A cannon, when aimed vertically, is observed to fire a ball to a maximum height of L. Another ball is then fired with the same speed, but with the cannon aimed up along an incline of length L, inclined at an angle θ. What should θ be so that the ball travels the largest...
  28. CiscoCertified

    FIRST Team T-Shirt cannon advice

    Hi all, I had a question regarding an off-season tshirt cannon my team is doing. We have to choose between wheel launched (two wheels with loading system similar to pitching machine) or compressed air. I am all for compressed air because it has been done time and time again but from what I...
  29. N

    Cannon shooting emergency packets

    Homework Statement A cannon at ground level is shooting emergency packets to people stranded on the roof of a flooded building of height H=120 meters. The corner of the building is located a distance D=40 meters from the cannon. It is desired that the incoming packets are flying tangent to the...
  30. K

    Projectile motion of a fired cannon ball

    1. A cannonball is fired toward a vertical building 400 m away with an initial velocity of at 36.9° above the horizontal. The ball will hit the building in A. 4.0 s. B. 5.0 s. C. less than 4.0 s. D. more than 5.0 s. 2. If the cannonball in the previous question is fired horizontally from a...
  31. Futurestar33

    Range of a cannon using trigonometry?

    Homework Statement I am just stuck on a step in my problem , I have found the solution but have been attempting rearrange the equation but I just don't get it. Its probably a simple step Homework Equations 0=x[(tanα-tanθ)-(gx/2Vo^2Cos^2(α)] then this forms into this...
  32. L

    What is faster the cannon ball or its shadow?

    I'm trying to finish my physics homework and one of the questions is somewhat philosophical. Problem: A cannon ball is shot at noon (12pm), what is faster? The cannon ball or its shadow? That's all the question is :p
  33. ChiHawksFan

    Cannon Muzzle Velocity Question ( Solved )

    Homework Statement A cannon that weighs 500 lbs shoots a cannonball horizontally that weighs 20 lbs at 400 m/s while mounted in place so that it does not move. If the same cannon and cannonball are shot in the same way with the cannon mounted on wheels allowing it to recoil, what is the new...
  34. hgducharme

    Calculate acceleration of a ship fired from a cannon

    Homework Statement Jules Verne [/B]In his novel From the Earth to the Moon (1866), Jules Verne describes a spaceship that is blasted out of a cannon, called the Columbiad, with a speed of 12,000 yards/s. The Columbiad is 900 ft long, but part of it is packed with powder, so the spaceship...
  35. W

    Calculating Camera Lens Diameter with a Ruler

    Hello guys, I was wondering if you could guess or even calculate the diameter of a camera lens with a picture of a ruler.
  36. A

    Cannon Ball in Space: What Happens & How Much Does It Hurt?

    What would happen if you were shot with a cannon ball in space? How badly do you reckon it would hurt, compared to if you were shot with the same cannon ball on Earth?
  37. T

    Kinetic and potential energy in firing a cannon

    Homework Statement A 20.0 kg cannonball is fired from a cannon with a muzzle speed of 1000 m/s at an angle of 37.0° with the horizontal. A second ball is fired at an angle of 90.0°. (a) Use the isolated system model to find the maximum height reached by each ball. (b) What is the total...
  38. Y

    Build a Tennis Ball Launcher: Trebuchet vs Spring Cannon

    Hey all, I need to build a launcher that is capable of throwing a tennis ball over a 1 meter high wall and hit a target 2 meters away. I realize there are some threads already discussing this, but my question is more based on the type of launcher. Would a trebuchet or a spring powered cannon be...
  39. S

    How far up the hill will the projectile land?

    My problem goes : A projectile is fired with initial speed v_0 at an angle of \alpha up a hill slope \beta (\alpha > \beta) a) How far up the hill will the projectile land. Attempt to solution: I understood that this is a problem where I need to find the intersection of the parabola and the...
  40. putongren

    Equations for cannon ball on a planet

    I've been trying to develop a equation for a ball that is shot out of a cannon and see if it would return to the surface of a circular planet. This is not a homework. It's something that I have been thinking about for a long time. Can somewhat help out to derive such a formula?
  41. I

    Projectile Motion fired from a cannon

    Homework Statement A projectile is fired from a cannon at an angle β with the horizontal at a velocity V. The cannon is situated inside a cave. The cannon is situated at a distance X away from the inner most part of the cave. The cave makes an angle α with the horizontal. What is the angle β...
  42. A

    Projectile motion cannon ball angle

    I need a bit of help with this simple question, it's not difficult at all but I just can't see what I did wrong. I'm overlooking a crucial thing A cannon is placed 40m away from a 37.5m high cliff. The cannon fires a ball with an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal. The gravitational...
  43. M

    Civil War Cannon physics

    Homework Statement A Civil War cannon fires a cannonball at 900 ft/s. If the cannon is aimed 5 degrees above the horizontal, find the time that the cannonball is in the air. A Civil War cannon fires a cannonball at 900 ft/s. If the cannon is aimed 5 degrees above the horizontal, find the...
  44. F

    Physics project: marble cannon

    I need to make a cannon that fires a marble. It must be accurate and adjustable enough to hit targets of varying distance and through varying obstacles. For propellant, I want to use compressed air, for which I have an apparatus (valve from a bike tire attached to a PVC cylinder roughly fifteen...
  45. C

    My professor's crazy cannon question HELP please

    Homework Statement So here is the question my professor made up. I asked if the time was missing and once he thought about it, he said we should be able to figure it out. I need help. A cannon is mounted on a railroad track on a cliff above the ocean. 300 m below, and standing...
  46. S

    How to calculate pressure inside an internal combustion cannon

    Hi. I am needing help on this... For a Year 12 physics assignment (australia), I am testing a Spud gun/lemon cannon. I need to work out the pressure inside the chamber just before the projectile begins to move, without using a pressure gauge. Tomorrow i'll be measuring the muzzle velocity using...
  47. G

    Water cannon toy and pressure

    I have this toy I bought for my daughter. It is called a Geyser Water Cannon and supposedly it works using the Venturi effect. Basically it's a 2 foot cone that starts out with a wide diameter (1 foot) and narrows to about 1 inch - with openings on each end. When you pull down or push down...
  48. P

    Cannon Projectiles: Find v_0 & theta for Roof of Flooded Building

    Homework Statement A cannon is shooting emergency packets to people stranded on the roof of a flooded building of height H = 106 meters relative to the cannon, the corner of which is located a distance D = 52 meters from the cannon. It is desired that the incoming packets are flying tangent to...
  49. M

    Energy - Cannon Ball and Conservation of Energy

    Energy -- Cannon Ball and Conservation of Energy Homework Statement A cannon tilted up at a 30.0 angle fires a cannon ball at 80m/s from atop a 10m -high fortress wall. What is the ball's impact speed on the ground below?Homework Equations Conservation of Energy Ugi+KEi= KEf *please note...