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Small non-magnetic motors that work at temperature of 4 Kelvin

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    Does somebody knows which companies produce small (approx. matchbox-sized) motors that can work at temperature of 4 Kelvin and are nonmagnetic ?
    For example like this one:
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    I did a google search on Linear Piezo Actuator, and got lots of hits. Maybe try that search?
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    There are maybe lots of companies producing just an actuators, but I need a motor that works at 4K.

    Using only an actuator will hardly work for my application, I need linear displacements around ~2cm at 4K. So, (piezo actuator) motor would be much better solution.
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    There are several manufacturers of piezoelectric motors (PI, piezomotor.se etc), but most will not guarantee that they work at low temperature.

    The attocubes seem to work, but I've heard reports that the step size at low T is not reliable. So you should add an encoder for feedback.
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