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Smallest Atomic Displacements Ever and quantum foam

  1. Sep 26, 2011 #1
    hi, this is my first forum post, i hope it is in the correct category.
    i was reading an article last month ...


    now at these small distances that can be measured is the hindenburg principle of uncertainty being encroached upon?
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    sorry about the quantum foam in the title as this become prominant at sub-Plank lengths.
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    Er... "hindenburg principle"?

    Are you expecting something to crash and burn?

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    yes i am expecting me to crash and burn on my first post!!!!

    i should stop copy/pasting..
    i meant say Heisenberg uncertainty principle!!!!!
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    The Heisenberg uncertainty principle does not say that you can't know a particle position exactly. It says that you can't know the particle's position exactly AND its momentum exactly, at the same time. So there is no encroaching here.
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