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So I enjoy learning about Everything!

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    I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering student and I'm thinking about switching to Engineering Physics because it seems to be much more general so you learn about a wider variety of subjects. Ultimately I would like to do research for the space industry and space science.

    The point of this thread is: Is there some graduate degree that is like Engineering Physics? One that will help with my yearning to do space research?
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    Why not study aerospace engineering if you're so interesting in space science??
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    Or how about double major in Aerospace or Mechanical, along with Physics? It would require a significantly larger amount of work, but I feel it would be worth it because you'd be well qualified to find a decent job after you graduate, or to continue with Physics. Whichever option you'd wish to pursue would be open, and as you want, you'll certainly learn plenty as well!
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    You enjoy learning about everything? Such as what?
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