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So I figured out why I hate math, now how do I figure out how to like

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    So I figured out why I hate math, now how do I figure out how to like

    Math is very tedious, sometimes it seems to the absurd, do x, y z, then a,b,c and you're not even to some sort of answer yet, you still have 1,2,3 to do. I think my problem is I get bored around step b, then angry when I realize I still have c,1,2, and 3 to do. My point is, how do I learn to tolerate the problems that seem to be never ending?
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    In one of your other posts you said you aspire to an EE degree, so you're taking the math classes that are prerequisite to that discipline. The classes you're currently in are at a relatively low level, in comparison to the classes that you'll see later on. There's an old question - "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" The answer is "Practice, practice."

    What you're doing now is that practice, the same as if you wanted to play at a high level in some sport, pretty much the same as how you get good at anything. Before you run, you have to learn to walk, and before that, you have to learn to crawl. As you get further along in your studies, the problems get more interesting - at least that's how they seemed to me. When you have more sophisticated mathematics techniques under your belt, the problems become more interesting.
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    Honing skills requires repetition, repetition, repetition.

    You won't be able to be truly creative unless you master those skills
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