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So, I my Modern Physics I grade was finally posted this morning.

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    Well, I was hoping for an A- :frown:, because I thought my exam grades (22/25, 20/25, 22/25) might have warranted it even though my homework average (maybe 40/50) wasn't that great. Actually, now that I'm looking at it, it seems it was a pretty rigid grade and there probably wasn't much "curve," given my numbers. I should mention though that this was my first upper-division physics course at UH since I transferred last spring.

    My vector analysis final is next Thursday. In that class I have a 96/100 and 86/100. I made a boo-boo in the second exam which cost me a few more points than I thought it should have. I'll probably ask the professor about it this afternoon.
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    Well, I guess a question some of you can answer is what specifically should I review for Modern Physics II (Quantum Mechanics) and Intermediate Mechanics?
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    237 views. lol.
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    You probably have a good idea of what you should review. One hint - it isn't the view-counter. :smile:

    Well, a little procrastination is understandable, but get to it. I do wish you good luck!
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