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So I was thinking before about what I'm going to do in life

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    It might just be finals getting to me, but what else can I do with a Bio degree besides med school and teach (which I don't really want to do)? I was thinking about it and it seems like a Chem or Biochem degree is way more valuable to industry? I'm sure (hoping) it's not true and I think I'm just unaware of the options that exist. Anybody know whats out there? Cause I don't. Someone say something before I do something dumb like change majors and regret it (probably an empty threat to myself).

    One of my professors was telling me about how he's researching cancer cells to see if they exhibit quorum sensing before metastasizing. I think stuff like that is cool, but's he's a professor.

    Darn, I just noticed there was a section for this... a move would be cool?
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    genetecist, pharmacist, dentist, optometrist. Not too much in the way of high paying jobs for biology unless you go into some form of healthcare
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    Why don't you want to work in academia?
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