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So, i've always had an interest in law

  1. Jun 10, 2007 #1
    but i also have a huge interest in engineering.
    Right now, the plan is to major in either electrical or chemical engineering. Maybe even both, if the situation permits.

    if i major in either of those disciplines, and go to law school, what kind of job could i get?

    for example, one who majors in business/econ and goes to law school can become a corporate attorney.
    What can a major in engineering do with a law degree?

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    i think most people will tell you patent law and intellectual property law
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    Your engineering background will complement you in these areas. You will need to have technical and scientific knowledge with regards to your clients products. Not everyone can do this patent stuff because you need to meet the requirements of scientific and technical training.

    http://www.ppi2pass.com/ppi/PPIInfo_pg_myppi-faqs-patent.html [Broken]
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    hm, wel this may be an avenue i may seriously consider.

    Cause for one, i actually am very interested in the thigns about intellectual property. Im also a huge music fan, and the whole issue about music as intellectual property fascinates me as well.
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