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So what are you physicists' opinions on psychedelic drugs?

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    I think many people would expect that a physicist is more inclined than the average guy in the street to be able to see through the propaganda/fear-mongering of the government & mainstream media. Also it's reasonable to think that someone well versed in physics is going to have an curious mind and not be satisfied with taking the world/reality at face value.

    With this said, I'd suspect that a physicist might be more accepting of the use of psychedelic substances to explore/expand/amaze his or her mind. So what are your opinions on the subject? Do you approve or not? Do you partake of them yourself? If so, have you got any interesting stories to tell of journeys into the universe between your ears?
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    jeebs, jeebs, jeebs. You're an old timer, you should know we don't allow this kind of discussion of doing illegal drugs.
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    Furthermore, even if it were on a different topic, well, let's just say that if Perry Mason were to read that, the first words out of his mouth would be "Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence."
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