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So what's the currently accepted gravity theory?

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    How does it work, what are the equations, are they valid, from what matrix {}, if such, were they derived? And how high level are the physics?
    Where does the force come from ie what direction has the vektors? What cause the variation in gravity that I have read about?
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    I read the first gravity part, just wondering, in plain english, where the proportionalities are derived from? Perhaps if you would do the thread the honor of through the circumstances themselves derivate G?
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    There are several GR texts on the web. Waner or t'Hooft for example. See the same Baez site for links:

    http://www.math.ucr.edu/home/baez/RelWWW/undergrad.html [Broken]

    There are also videos of 3 1-hour lectures by Sean Carroll.

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