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B Software for quantum calculations?

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    is there any decent free simulators or software for doing the massive integrals involved with square of wave functions, the area under the square of them. transition probabilities, average position etc for systems more complex than a particle in a box.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Nothing specific comes to mind that meets your description.
    I use general math software. Octave, Maple etc .. .also mathematica, and Matlab.
    The less the math software does for you the better.
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    I agree if I was a student or professional.

    as I am an enthusiast/amateur, physics hobby guy I am free to take the lazy path and play with the results and let the pro's do the heavy lifting.

    I found this goldmine of things to play with, topics available will keep me off the streets for the rest of this lifetime and into the next 3.

    requires downloading their free app which was a huge download.


    upload_2016-10-30_14-38-56.png upload_2016-10-30_14-39-17.png
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    A. Neumaier

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