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Software to solve sequence of numbers

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    As the title suggests, the computer software I am looking for is one that can solve the logic used in a set of alphanumeric characters in a sequence.

    For example, say the numbers 1Z, 2Y, 6X, 42W, 1806V, 3263442U. Which one is next in sequence?

    Can you solve it? To solve, let us leave out the alphabets Z, Y, X, W, V, and U. It is now obvious that the alphabet in the next set of characters will be T (as the alphabets are going in reverse order, from Z to U).

    Next, for the numbers, we shall apply similar logic. 1*2 makes 2, forming the second number in the set of characters. Now, 2*3 makes 6, the third number (you understand? The formula followed in every next step is x*{x+1}. So if x {the previous number} is 1, then the formula equates 1*{1+1}, which is 2. So taking the previous number as 3263442, to give us the next number, the solution is 10650056950806).

    Finally, we combine the alphabet with the number, giving us the unknown number in the set, 10650056950806T.

    Really, if you ask me what sequence I intend to solve, it is the numbers MBEG-72BJ-EHMC, F2AQ-PCBJ-C7L3, 3B2Q-2CB8-NKNP. And no, they aren't credit card numbers, but just a sequence I got in an online puzzle and failed to answer. Don't ask me which site, for I have no memory of it, as I had played it 2 years before.
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    And yes, I did forget to mention that I only want to know the formula that applies in forming each of the numbers given. You can also solve it yourself.
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    http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=1,+2,+6,+42,+1806,+3263442" is usually pretty good and finding the closed-form solution for a data set of numbers. In this case it didn't find anything (it usually only solves fairly simplistic models), but if you look at the log-linear plot it develops for the set it's obvious there is some sort of relationship.

    Some examples of number sets it can solve:






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    No, Wolfram Alpha doesn't help. Has anyone yet been able to solve this?
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    It's interesting that doing a search on Google for the exact alphanumeric number sequence you've listed comes up with this thread, and one hit on Google Groups:


    So, it's obvious you're lying that it's a "sequence you got in an online puzzle and failed to answer," but in fact are a set of gift codes you found for money on the Playstation network, and are hoping someone here can crack the code so you can generate more of them.

    Classy, loser :mad:
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    Seriously, no, I don't have neither a PSP nor a PS3 for which I could access the Playstation Store. Secondly, they are just generated in random order by a human, so no way.

    Thirdly, I believe I may have been misled in performing a fake online quiz, for I clearly remember that my browser reported the site as "fraudulent".
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    Thread locked.
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