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Homework Help: Solve following problems by using energy conservation theory

  1. Oct 6, 2013 #1
    Solve following problems by using energy conservation theory..

    A car driving down a long hill. The engine is switched off, and the speed is constant. The hill has a drop of 1.00 m for each 25.0 m driven way. The car has mass 1020 kg. Calculate the total friction on the car.

    A cyclist slows from 4.5 m / s to 2.5 m / s up a 16 m long slope with slope angle 4.3 ˚. The cyclist and the bicycle has a total mass of 81.5 kg. The total resistance to motion is 11 N. Calculate the traction force of the bike.

    A small ball is set in motion with initial speed 1.0 m / s in a horizontal circular flow of radius 19 cm. The friction of the bullet is constantly 0.50% of the weight. How many rounds rolling ball take before it stops?

    I have attempted but I am not sure where to start.Kindly help!
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    So, post what you have thought on the first problem! :smile:
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