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Solving and presenting standard equations (software?)

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    Hello General Engineering!

    I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to solve an equation (F=ma) by entering any two of the three variables, and then present that solution in a way that would be worth of reports/assignments.

    I'm currently requesting a trial of CSC Tedds, would love to know if there are any other options that have a large database of equations and the ability to add more, in a way where it will solve for unknown variables, presented in a way fit for reports/assignments. Not asking for much right? ;)
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    Possible options might be:


    Maybe even humble old Microsoft Word would be able to handle this is handled correctly?
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    I am confused! Why would you throw Word into the same mix as Matlab or Mathcad? When you talk about solving an equation like F=ma and presenting the result, what kind of behavior are you really talking about ? Are you talking about pre-set behavior or reporting based on a database? Or are you talking about having the ability to isolate a specified unkown out of a random given equation? (Like Mathcad can do)

    Or, are you simply talking about having the ability to type equation and presenting them in a professional way? (latex)
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    It probably doesn't exist, but I imagined something where you could select an equation (or create an equation), enter the known variables and it would give you the unknown variables with the working out shown for reporting purposes.

    I would imagine Latex and Word would be fine if I wanted to do it manually, but I'm thinking maybe I should learn to use Mathlab/Matcad. Would either of these two be able to come close to what I'm describing?
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    if I remember correctly, Mathcad has the ability to do algebraic manipulation of a given equatino, you just tell it what you want isolated, and the program works it out.
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    Scientific WorkPlace will give you full LaTeX capability with built-in MuPad Solver.
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