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Solving Problems in Engineering Mechanics

  1. Jun 27, 2009 #1
    Hello guys, I am from the Philippines and I am teaching the subject Engineering Mechanics on one of the colleges in our province. As I am from a developing country our technology are far behind that of the Western.

    As of engineering curriculum, most of us are using the component method of dealing with forces in engineering mechanics. I have this book of Pytel and Kiusalaas and the authors emphasizes the use of rectangular representation of vectors, the method that used the unit vector i, j, and k. I understand the power of this approach if coupled with computer but most of our colleges made computer integration only an option (not funded).

    I just want to ask the status of this subject in your country, how the program is integrated with the use of computer software. Is there a computer lab time for it, or just leave (let) the student acquire their own software. Thanks.
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