What is Engineering mechanics: Definition and 43 Discussions

Applied mechanics is a branch of the physical sciences and the practical application of mechanics. Pure mechanics describes the response of bodies (solids and fluids) or systems of bodies to external behavior of a body, in either a beginning state of rest or of motion, subjected to the action of forces. Applied mechanics bridges the gap between physical theory and its application to technology. It is used in many fields of engineering, especially mechanical engineering and civil engineering; in this context, it is commonly referred to as engineering mechanics. Much of modern applied or engineering mechanics is based on Isaac Newton's laws of motion while the modern practice of their application can be traced back to Stephen Timoshenko, who is said to be the father of modern engineering mechanics.
Within the practical sciences, applied mechanics is useful in formulating new ideas and theories, discovering and interpreting phenomena, and developing experimental and computational tools. In the application of the natural sciences, mechanics was said to be complemented by thermodynamics, the study of heat and more generally energy, and electromechanics, the study of electricity and magnetism.

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  1. JamesBennettBeta

    Machine Dynamics: Manual Air Pump Calculation (please check my answer)

    mentor note: moved from ME forum hence no HW template. Summary:: I am stuck into this problem for almost a week now. I think I solved it, but it seems something is wrong. Can someone point me, what is wrong here. It'll be so much helpful. I am stuck into this problem for almost a week now. I...
  2. J

    MHB Engineering Mechanics: airplane landing

    The landing speed of an airplane is 360 kph. When it touches down, it puts on its brakes and reverses its engines. The retardation in its speed is 0.2 times the square root of its speed. Determine the time elapsed in seconds from the point of touchdown until the plane comes to a complete stop.
  3. J

    MHB Engineering Mechanics: car speeding up

    A car starting from rest picks up at a uniform rate and passes three electric post in succession. The post are spaced 360 m apart along a straight rod. The car takes 10 seconds to travel from the first post to the 2nd post and tales 6 seconds to go from the 2nd post to the 3rd post. Determine...
  4. J

    MHB Engineering Mechanics: depth of crater

    The depth of the crater of the Taal volcano was calculated in the following manner: From a helicopter flying vertically upward at 6m/s. A small bomb was released at the instant the helicopter was 20m above the crater surface. The sound of explosion was heard 9sec later. If the speed of sound is...
  5. amare

    Practical application of engineering mechanics dynamics in civil engineering

    what is the practical application of engineering mechanics dynamics in civil engineering when civil engineers work on static analysis?
  6. EastWindBreaks

    The Halpin Tsai relation to Voigt model

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Halpin Tsai equation:[/B] Voigt model: P*=VfPf+VmPm Vf= volume of fiber/ volume of composite Vm= volume of matrix / volume of composite ζ= estimated parameter Pf, Pm= fiber and matrix properties V_v=1-Vf-Vm The Attempt at a Solution Since there is no...
  7. sophiebeth100

    Mechanical engineering mechanics question: Motions of a triangular plate

    Homework Statement Shown in picture Homework Equations So far just used w=v/r The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Could only do part a. W=v/r =0.3/0.2 =1.5rad/s For part b I would assume the velocity is zero? But I don't think that's correct. Any help with part b and c would be great, and is...
  8. ramzerimar

    Abaqus FEA: What do e11, e22 and e33 stand for?

    I'm new to Abaqus and FEA in general, but my professor asked the class to do a simple analysis on a beam using Abaqus, just to introduce us into FEA methods. I've managed to do almost everything he asked for, but I'm confused about some notations when I get the results. I understand that s11...
  9. T

    Classical Engineering Mechanics - Physics

    Hey guys, can I have a hand doing these questions? 1: In Part A: Addition of Forces, ignoring friction take the special case where m1 = m2 = 0.1 kg and m3 = 0.15 kg. Find θ1 and θ2 at the equilibrium position. In these exercises use g = 9.8 m/s2
  10. sophiebeth100

    Engineering Mechanics Question

    Homework Statement The right triangles of the plane truss are all the same. What are the forces in members BH and HG? Diagram for question is below, or a link: http://puu.sh/nsw1k/aad8a8b134.png Homework Equations n/a The Attempt at a Solution Reaction force at A + reaction force at E...
  11. Soumalya

    References to Engineering Mechanics

    Hi, I am looking for a really good reference textbook for learning classical mechanics.I understand it's pretty absurd to quote the subject as references to "Engineering Mechanics" as it's nothing different from the classical mechanics in physics.But I am looking for a perfect reference...
  12. D

    Engineering mechanics question

    Homework Statement Two cables are tied together at C as shown below. Knowing that the maximum tension in each cable is 800N, determine: a) the force in P that can be applied on C b) The corresponding value of a Link to diagram...
  13. D

    Engineering Mechanics: Force couple

    Homework Statement Problem is: Replace the 150-N force with an equivalent force-couple system at A Since it is really hard to describe the scenario in words, attached is a link that shows the diagram of the question...
  14. CivilSigma

    Engineering Mechanics: Notation question

    In a problem involving moments where we have a 2 point is space: m and n. We want the moment about M due to a force applied at N. We know the equation is Moment = r (m/n) * F So, does r (m/n) represent the (x,y,z) coordinates from the point N to M or M to N?
  15. D

    Engineering mechanics Problem: Pulling on rope

    Homework Statement https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_pCZXb8oZhtZWg2Q0hxTHBZSUE/edit?usp=sharing Problem 2.44Homework Equations Primary trigonometric ratiosThe Attempt at a Solution https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_pCZXb8oZhtS2haUUFPXzlicHM0Z0pDd2xCQW9SRENrbnln/edit?usp=sharing[/B] The...
  16. CivilSigma

    Engineering Mechanics- Forces

    Homework Statement For the structure and loading of Prob. P2.46 a) determine the value of \alpha for which the tension in cable BC is as small as possible b) the corresponding value of the tension (Please see attachement of diagram). Homework Equations Finding the components of forces, or...
  17. R

    Need solution of Engineering mechanics statics Problem

    The Problem numbered 2/16 from the Engineering Mechanics Statics 7th edition by Meriam Determine the x- and y-components of the tension T which is applied to point A of the bar OA. Neglect the effects of the small pulley at B. Assume that r and are known.
  18. C

    Engineering Mechanics - Statics

    Homework Statement Please refer to the attached diagram. I am trying to find the unknown load F (along line of action lF) that will keep the system in equilibrium as well as compute all reaction forces developed at the joints. Homework Equations Summation of forces in the horizontal and...
  19. S

    Engineering mechanics question

    how do you find tension in two cables set against a wall will holding a weight of 200 kg up The Attempt at a Solution ƩFx: 0.86Fad +0.72Fac=0 ƩFy: -0.37Fad + -0.64Fac = -1960 Homework Statement
  20. E

    Basic Engineering Mechanics (trigonometry)

    Homework Statement Two forces P and Q are applied to the lid of a storage bin as shown (see picture). Knowing that P = 48N and Q = 60N, determine by trigonometry the magnitude and direction of the resultant of the two forces. Homework Equations "The triangle method" where you put each...
  21. Astronuc

    Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics by Russell Hibbeler

    Author: Russell C. Hibbeler Title: Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0132915480/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Prerequisities: Prior or concurrent experience in Calculus, Introductory Physics Level: Undergraduate Table of Contents: 1 General...
  22. P

    Engineering Mechanics - Statics

    Can one obtain a negative value for mobility i when working out the mobility of a structure; the structure being constrained by either pins, sliders or fixed points? What happens with a negative mobility?
  23. K

    Curvilinear n&t motion question engineering mechanics

    Homework Statement A pin is constrained to move in a circular slot of radius 39mm. At the same time a slotted bar also constrains the pin to move down with constant velocity 8mm/s. (as shown in attached diagram). What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the pin for the position...
  24. I

    Engineering Mechanics vs Mechanical Engineering?

    I'm primarily interested in engineering mechanics because I like the narrowness of the program to classical mechanics rather than a broad range of subjects including other areas of physics as well. My only concern is the job availability. What are the pro's and con's to engineering mechanics...
  25. B

    Engineering mechanics question about weight/cables/pulleys

    Homework Statement An assembly shown in the picture, GH , HK, HNL are three cables. the mass of box L IS 64Kg, a) determine the mass of box K in order to make angle theta as 25 degrees b) determine the reaction forces at supports G and N c) calculate required cable diameter when tensile...
  26. V

    Engineering mechanics problem about shear and moment in beams

    fresh out of ideas. Need help. 1) Solve for shear and moment at the given distances a) at midspan b) 5m from ROLLER "A" SO FAR I GOT THE REACTIONS AT POINT A AND B. 13KN AND 15.5KN RESPECTIVELY 2) Solve for shear and moment at the given distances a) 5m from ROLLER "A" b) 9m from ROLLER...
  27. shinnsohai

    Help in Engineering Mechanics Questions

    A box of mass 80kg is pulled along a horizontal floor by a rope. The rope is pulled with a force of 100N and the rope is inclined at (20 °) to the horizontal 1. Explain Briefly why the box cannot be equilibrium if the floor is smooth. (In Fact the floor is not smooth and the box is in...
  28. S

    Navigating my Senior Year: Surviving Engineering Mechanics

    Hi, I'm an applied math major and this is my senior year. I was suppose to get EM over with last fall but I transferred institutions and they didn't offer it in the fall. So I was going to take It in the spring but my schedule didn't allow it. Now I have to take it in the spring and I have to...
  29. W

    How Do You Calculate Cos 125 Degrees in Engineering Mechanics?

    http://imageshack.us/f/560/engineeringmechproblem.jpg/ I have a question about this problem, i was wondering where they got the cos 125degrees as well as the a=13.4 degrees. If anyone knows how they got this answer can you please tell me how?
  30. R

    Easy to understand books for Civil engineering mechanics

    Hi guys, I am a 1st year student in civil engineering, I must admit that I like my field program, the thing is that some people are good at a certain thing, others struggle with it. Okay I think I will fail my first mechanics exam. Whereas I scored well on my other exams, such as math...
  31. P

    Engineering Mechanics: Finding Centre of Mass of Table Fork w/ Composite Method

    how to find the centre of mass of a table fork, using the composite method.
  32. P

    Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics

    The problem I am having isn't so much related to an exact problem but I am a TA for Dynamics and I was creating a solution set for the current homework where we are dealing with equations of motion using either Normal and Tangential Components or using Cylindrical (2D-Polar) Coordinates. I know...
  33. W

    Engineering mechanics friction question HELP PLEASE

    engineering mechanics friction question! HELP PLEASE! I need help for this question, please help me. i can't get the right ans. ): 6.2) Block B rests on block A and is attached by a horizontal rope BC to the wall as shown in Figure-2. What force P is necessary to cause impending motion of...
  34. N

    Engineering Mechanics: Get Your Top Book Recommendations Here!

    Plz recommend me a very good book for Engineering Mechanics Plz..atleast reply guys..I know such question "generally" get no replies..I want "ur recommended best book=ur view"...not "the best book" Thanks for Visiting the thrd Bye
  35. R

    Solving Problems in Engineering Mechanics

    Hello guys, I am from the Philippines and I am teaching the subject Engineering Mechanics on one of the colleges in our province. As I am from a developing country our technology are far behind that of the Western. As of engineering curriculum, most of us are using the component method of...
  36. E

    Engineering Mechanics - Resultant of || forces

    Homework Statement The 16-ft wing of an airplane is subjected to a lift w/c varies from zero at the tip to 360lb per ft at the fuselage according to w = 90x^{\frac{1}{2}} lb per ft where x is measured from the tip. Compute the resultant and its location from the wing tip. Homework...
  37. A

    Websites/books for 'Engineering Mechanics'.

    Engineering Mechanics Statistics System of Coplanar forces Eauilibrium of System of coplanar forces Forces in space Friction Principles of virtual work Dynamics Kinematics of particle Kinematics of rigid bodies Kinetics of particles & kinetics of rigid bodies...
  38. P

    Internal Forces (Engineering Mechanics)

    problem says knowing radius of each pulley to be 7.2 in, neglect friction, find internal forces at point J of the frame. 1st question that I have is whether the tension in section C-E of the cable also 90 lb? how about section C-D. Also, in my diagram of each of the members, I don't know how to...
  39. T

    Engineering Mechanics Couple system question

    what is this problem searching for? A 25-lb force acting in a vertical plane parallel to the yz plane is applied to the 8-in.-long horizontal handle AB of a socket wrench. Replace the force with an equivalent force-couple system at the origin O of the coordinate system. See attached pic...
  40. G

    Learn Engineering Mechanics - Moment Definition & Resources

    I am currently learning engineering mechanics and on the subject elementary of statics. I am very confused about what a moment is... i need a recommendation of a good website that can teach me these stuffs. Thank you!
  41. S

    Problems on engineering mechanics

    these are a few problems from a book called meriam in which i(and some of my classmates) had got a bit stuck. some help will be welcome. 1) in a handling test, a car is driven through the slalom course shown. It is assumed that the car path is sinusoidal and that the maximum central...