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Homework Help: Solving this question in a certain way

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    this is the general way i solve every question:
    example of a solved question in this way

    we put 0.8 mole of H2 1.3 mole of I2 in one litter cantainer

    the balance constant is 10.7
    calculate how much 2HI will be in the container when the reaction balances

    H2 +I2 = 2HI
    start 0.8 1.3 0
    moves -x -x +2x
    end 0.8-x 1.3-x 2x

    there are two solutions but only one is possiblr

    how to solve this question in the same way
    we mix 0.5 moles of A
    1 mole of B
    2 moles of C
    in a one litter container

    after it balances we find 0.6 moles of A
    find K for
    =(is a sign where two arrows go in different directions)
    2A =B+3c
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    Very nice! Glad to be of assistance.
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