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Maple Some very basic Maple help (numtheory)

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    This is EXTREMELY basic. I am using maple to run a Pohlig Hellman algorithm to solve discrete logs.

    If I use ifactor to get a result, i.e.

    > ifactor(p-1);

    (2)3 (5)

    How do I assign the output of these different factors to some other variable so I can use them elsewhere?
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    Not sure exactly what you're asking but I found this Maple Intro pdf that may help.

    http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/2nd_and_3rd_syllabi/mapleprimer.pdf [Broken]

    I hope you dont mean:

    > y=ifactor(p-1)

    so that y is the 2^3 * 5 value.
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    Not quite. I want to assign the values separately. i.e. I want to assign the 2^3 to one value and the 5 to another. (actually just the 2, I don't need 2^3, but that would have been my next question).
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    That's a step in the right direction, thanks.
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