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Homework Help: Source for HARD Dynamics problems?

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    This is more of a question for study purposes...I've been studying a little bit for my Dynamics exam, but I just don't feel like doing these problems is going to prepare me for the exam well. Does anyone know of a good online source for dynamics problems?
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    What is dynamics? Is that something like classical mechanics?
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    Haha - sorry - it's the study of motion. So kinematics, kinetcs, newton, etc
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    There is a good mechanics book by Landau that could probably check out from your university/college library.

    Thornton and Marion have a pretty good basic book called "Classical Dynamics." I've looked at Poole and Goldstein's "Classical Mechanics," but only as a reference; still it seemed good.

    I doubt you will find much of anything online.
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    Haha, those are tough books. Is this an engineering mechanics course?? If so, then i recommend Greenwood's Book Classical Dynamics.
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