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Sources to learn QM while commuting to school?

  1. Feb 25, 2015 #1
    i go to school, and it's quite far away (3 hours per day, return), so, i'd like to use this time wisely and learn QM,
    but unfortunately, i can't read books on transportation, i get dizzy.... when i read things for prolong period of time..

    i've only learnt about the special relativity, and am currently going through some youtube videos that i download on my phone to watch, because there is both audio and visuals in videos, so i can glance at it once in a while...
    i have a maths a level

    but are there any better sources to study? i'd like to be able to understand what most threads on the physics forum are talking about....
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    Hi I am going to school too I am 17 years old.I should recommend you Leonard Susskind lectures on stanford.And you can read his book the theoretical minimum
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    Maybe there's some audio stuff out there.

    What I always do is just think and review concepts over and over in my mind mentally (I also get get dizzy when I read on transportation), but that tends to require putting in some time beforehand, so that you have something to think about.
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