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Spacebar + delete to merge paragraphs; a MS Word Help

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    Hi. I try to understand this operation, "first press the backspace and then press delete." It is about a merging operation. I use 2010 version of book. Can someone explain me please that what is happening in that step.
    In the previous pages there is no info about backspace+delete and merging paragraphs.

    http://books.google.com.tr/books?id=i3ueAwAAQBAJ&pg=PA66&dq=%22press+the+spacebar+and+then+press+delete%22&hl=tr&sa=X&ei=hmBmVLTuM6r_ygPb54GIBw&ved=0CBoQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%22press%20the%20spacebar%20and%20then%20press%20delete%22&f=false [Broken]
    Thank you.
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    First, it's not "backspace", it's "spacebar". The exact wording is "Press the Spacebar, and then press Delete..."

    "Delete" deletes the end-of-paragraph marker "ΒΆ" and therefore joins the two paragraphs together.

    "Spacebar" inserts a space between the last word of one paragraph and the first word of the next paragraph.
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