What is Delete: Definition and 58 Discussions

In the database structured query language (SQL), the DELETE statement removes one or more records from a table. A subset may be defined for deletion using a condition, otherwise all records are removed. Some database management systems (DBMSs), like MySQL, allow deletion of rows from multiple tables with one DELETE statement (this is sometimes called multi-table DELETE).

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  1. berkeman

    Should Excel macros self-adjust when you delete lines above the affected cells?

    I just wanted to check to see if this is a known problem, or if my issue is more likely related to something different. I have an Excel spreadsheet that has a number of lines with comments and other information at the top, and then a matrix of cells below that on several rows. I had some Excel...
  2. S

    Deleting Your Account: Troubleshooting and Tips

    Cant' see an option on my profile page for this. Sent off two emails to the PF staff, but still no reply. Any clues?
  3. Wrichik Basu

    Can I safely delete /run/timeshift/backup in Ubuntu 20.04?

    I learned about timeshift in the Linux Mint blog, and then read from It's FOSS that the utility not only backs up data, but can restore the OS with all its settings and customizations. I installed timeshift following the instructions from the latter website. Upon starting it, it asked me for the...
  4. M

    LaTeX Delete \entry Field in Resume Template: CurVe cv class

    Referencing this resume template, do you know how to delete the \entry field (dates) within the rubric (so that the text will align left without indentation)? I only want this for one rubric, but am unsure how to do this. Thanks so much!
  5. K

    Delete Old Revision Clouds on Drawings When Doing New Revisions?

    Hello, I know I read this somewhere in ASME standards, but I can NOT, for the life of me, find it again. I believe it says you're supposed to delete old revision clouds on a drawing when putting a new revision on the drawing. I read Y14.35 "Revision of Engineering Drawings" 2 or 3 times and I...
  6. N

    Explain this line "thread& operator = (const thread&) = delete;"

    here delete, thread, and const are obviously keywords, I saw this when the system libraries threw a breakpoint, not my code, I'm new at this and that line of code makes very little sense to me, afaik, (const thread&) should be a conversion operator, how can you set an operator to a statement...
  7. S

    MHB Using an MVC to delete an element from an arrayList

    PLEASE HELP! How can I delete a flashcard from my ArrayList? My position never updates and it always deletes position 0. Please let me know if you need more code to examine. I've tried trouble shooting this to find the problem but I can't figure out how to fix it. It's bugging me so badly and I...
  8. D

    Why isn't there an option to delete threads?

    I am just curious, why there isn't an option where you can delete your old threads? Is it because someone might have the same question/problem and your threads could provide a solution without a need for them to create a thread?
  9. Wrichik Basu

    Delete system files from Android phone

    I have a Samsung Galaxy on7, running on Android 6.0.1. It has a lot of pre installed apps that I consider bloatware. I want to remove them completely from the phone. Recently, I tried removing these apps as per this video: But soon I found that it does not delete the system files, because...
  10. José Ricardo

    Suggestion Can I Delete My Own Topic on This Website?

    Let's suppose, if I took my doubt about something but I want to delete the topic, I can't. Would be possible this possibility to delete a topic
  11. nomadreid

    Delete automatic updates ... problem?

    Windows 10 automatically updated my computer day before yesterday, and yesterday I woke up to find all my files missing. It took me a while, but I recovered all my files. However, now there are several important functions that either do not work, or are missing altogether. :H So, my main...
  12. S

    Delete File Contents by Roll Number | C++ Code for Deletion

    ok i wrote my code but the whole file gets deleted instead of the required values. else if(option==5) { int rno; fstream w1;fstream e1; e1.open("temp.dat",ios::in|ios::out|ios::binary)...
  13. A

    Calculators How to delete column(s) with particular values in Excel?

    In Excel, I wish to automatically delete multiple columns that have (0) in particular row location. How to do this? After the deletion, the data array should shrink to only columns that do not have (0) at that row.
  14. Saerryan89

    Complaint Deleting my previous post and my account

    I feel embarrassed about what I post and I want to delete it. But I can't do it. Is there anyway for me to delete that post or should I ask the admins about deleting it? Also after the post is deleted I want to delete my account if it is possible. Please don't say you can just go away because we...
  15. S

    Multiple patterns in SED delete

    I would like to delete all lines starting with the following - \t (tab) - \n (newline) - / - (single space) - = I've tried `sed -n '/^\(\t\|\n\|/\| \|=\)$/d' OUTPUT.txt > test.txt` and combos of that to no avail. What am I doing wrong?
  16. Silicon Waffle

    C/C++ Learning C++: New & Delete Functions

    Yesterday I learned about new and delete in my teacher lecture. I have a function that looks like this string func() { //... sometype * boot=new sometype(); // do something with boot string s=boot->getStr(); return s; } The function works but if I rewrite it as string...
  17. AdityaDev

    Deleting threads without proper reason

    I had created a thread in the chemistry forums regarding the addition of thiols to vinyl ethers. The question was proper and "was not homework/numerical/objective question". I just wanted to know if the reaction was correct and the question was "not given by teacher/not taken from problem...
  18. Y

    How to completely delete the deleted files and programs?

    I am returning a defective computer, I uninstalled all my installed programs and deleted all the files I put into the computer. I empty the recycle bin. I went into the program files folder and deleted my installed files. Is everything completely deleted?( I don't think so.). What else can I do...
  19. evinda

    MHB Efficient AVL-Tree Node Deletion: Step-by-Step Guide and Tips"

    Hello! (Smile) Suppose that we have the following AVL-tree and want to delete the node with the number 19: I thought that we replace the node 19 with the node 52 since it is the next node in the in-order traversal, and then the tree will be balnaced and so we don't have to make further...
  20. evinda

    MHB Delete nodes with a specific property

    Hi! (Mmm) I want to write a function that takes as argument a pointer A to the root of a binary tree that simulates a (not necessarily binary) ordered tree. We consider that each node of the tree saves apart from the necessary pointers LC and RS, an integer number. The function should...
  21. nomadreid

    How much can one delete from a Roaming file?

    My Malwarebytes keeps giving me a message that it has blocked a potentially damaging .exe file, and told me where to find it. I would like to delete a lot of this file, but a lot of articles say "Be very careful about deleting anything from the Roaming file." Scary. How much can I delete from...
  22. evinda

    MHB How to Properly Implement the Delete() Algorithm for Linked Lists

    Hello! (Smile) I want to implement the algorithm Delete() for linked lists. That's what I have tried: void Delete(pointer L,Type x){ if (L==NULL){ printf("There is no element x in the list. \n"); return; } pointer q=L; while (q!=NULL &&...
  23. M

    Spacebar + delete to merge paragraphs; a MS Word Help

    Hi. I try to understand this operation, "first press the backspace and then press delete." It is about a merging operation. I use 2010 version of book. Can someone explain me please that what is happening in that step. In the previous pages there is no info about backspace+delete and merging...
  24. duhuhu

    Ok to delete the registry from windows computer

    My friend who's job is to work with computers all day told me to delete my registry completely to speed up my computer. Now obviously this raises a couple red flags. Is he right? Is it really ok to completely wipe out the registry on my computer?
  25. O

    Backup Files for Engineering Drawings: Store or Delete?

    I have been taught to never delete old data files, because server space is cheap. However, our company has old engineering drawing files. Should we delete the old backup files or store the information on a 1 TB portable drive for later excess by technical support? The info will not be use for...
  26. LTME

    Calculators TI-89 - how to delete equation on numeric solver?

    The topic says it all. I am trying to figure out how to delete unwanted equations out of my TI-89 "numeric solver" app. I consulted the manual...nothing. I have googled and youtubed...nothing. Any help here would be great as I love the numeric solver app but it is becoming hard to find the right...
  27. T

    Why mannitol solution 0.05% has opalescence?how to delete it?

    when i add mannitol into water, the solution has opalescence. Does the solution forms colloid? Then how should I do to delete it? Thank you very much...:smile:
  28. A

    How does the delete function work in a binary search tree?

    Hi: I was in a maze about delete in binary search tree. The followings is its codes: void delete(struct bst_node** node) { struct bst_node* old_node = *node; if ((*node)->left == NULL) { *node = (*node)->right; free_node(old_node); } else if ((*node)->right...
  29. J

    Mathematica Mathematica: Delete constant term of f(z,w)

    Hi, I have a messy expression as a polynomial in z and w: a+bz+czw+dz^2w+...+kz^n w^m How can I delete the constant "a" term? Here's the function. The constant terms are dispersed throughout the expression. I know I can extract the coefficient list first in w then in z to actually get...
  30. R

    How do you delete a thread you've posted?

    "Urgent help with Forces, Components, Acceleration" - can someone delete that for me and this one too
  31. 1

    MATLAB [MatLab] Edit Delete Help with ion beam with many charge states

    I'm simulating an ion beam with different charge states passing through two pinholes. I'm using random angles, from an external function, to evaluate the velocity components along the axes and solving the differential equation: O=[0 0 0]'; f = @(t,ys) [ys(4:6); O]...
  32. H

    Unable to delete file through vb. Net

    Even if I use correct method or code for deleting files and folders, when debugging I get error saying that it cannot access file and hence cannot delete it. What setting of computer I should inprove to enable the delete feature through visual basic 2008
  33. S

    Data delete after power off from my external hard drive type my passport 500 g.b

    thanks to read my message after transfer my document and plug out my external hard " my passport 3.0 500 g.b " all data delete , please help me
  34. R

    Clean , Quarantine or Delete Option in Anti Malware?

    Anti Malware Delete Quarantine or Clean Option? When a file suspected of being a malware or malware-infected is detected by the Anti-Malware , does the Anti Malware Program normally take the decision itself as to whether this file has to be cleaned , quarantined or deleted straightaway & only...
  35. A

    [Please delete old thread] Kid going down slide

    Homework Statement A parent takes their child to a water slide which is shaped similar to a portion of a parabola (see diagram). There is an elevator 3m from the edge of the pool. The elevator takes the rider to the top of the slide which is 19m above ground. The rider slides down and falls...
  36. Simfish

    Do universities delete the webpages of professors who die?

    And if they do, have there ever been exceptions? Sometimes, the webpages contain some really valuable content. :(
  37. P

    Mis-post i apologize, i will delete

  38. Z

    Thread Merge Successful: Please Delete

    Please delete << berkeman merged two threads >>
  39. S

    Delete a specific number from beginning of string of numbers

    I am creating a calculator and have 4 textboxes. I need to know what functions I need to delete the number '0' from a string of numbers such as, "0852" so it can look like "852." My goal is for the program to check the user input after the user has pressed the 'enter' button to go to the next...
  40. M

    I have virus in my computer just can't delete it

    i have virus in my computer just can't delete it i use all antivirus free version pust all programe tell no virus dected it activate after i format c:\ part when i just open my computer without open or instal any program i try put my file in part d:\ to RAR archiver and format it work put...
  41. C

    How to delete column in notepad

    Hi, I was running a labview program and it wrote my data to an lvm file, which can be opened with notepad. The problem I am having is the way labview outputted my data. It has the time and the strain separated by a comma. I attached the file, so everyone can see. What I want to do is somehow...
  42. C

    If a mod sees this, please delete the topic; I posted it in the wrong section.

    Homework Statement The differential equation that models the volume of a raindrop is \frac{dy}{dt} = kv^{2/3} where k = 3^{2/3}(4 \pi)^{1/3} A) Why doesn't this equation satisfy the hypothesis of the Uniqueness Theroem? B) Give a physical interpertation of the fact that solution to this...
  43. D

    Delete operation on binary search tree

    The following diagram is from the section in my notes titled "Operations on Binary Search Trees". Specifically it explains via pseudocode how to implement a delete function for a BST: http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/4225/deletetreexz0.jpg What I don't understand in the 2nd box is why...
  44. JasonRox

    How to delete Command Service?

    How do you get rid of this thing?! It's sucking up all my computer power! It's freaking annoying. Spybot can't get rid of it fully even after restarting the computer. I tried the whole search through the hard drive for Command Service but it doesn't find anything under that name. I tried...
  45. happyg1

    I Found the Answer - Delete Now

    Homework Statement I found it. Delete this. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  46. DaveC426913

    Delete a shortcut or land a man on the moon?

    Dear Mr. Gates: My computer has enough flops to count every man woman and child on the face of the Earth in the time it takes my heart to beat twice. Why oh why then, is a simple operation like deleting a shortcut such an incredibly time- and resource-consuming task? It takes, like, 30...
  47. A

    How to delete attachments in Gmail? (without deleting the original message)

    So yes, you may ask - why would I need to, since Gmail offers so much space? Well, my reason is that I often like to download everything from Gmail onto disk, and this is where I'd like to delete attachments.
  48. C

    Oops how to you delete a post?

    oops how to you delete a post?
  49. W

    Computer Questions: Find Highest/Lowest Value & Delete Other Rows

    Yikes -- 2 computer questions in the same day??!??!? Does anyone have code for selecting a group of rows, checking one column for the highest/lowest value of the group, deleting the other rows -- then moving to the next group? Just trying to save some time. Thanks!
  50. H

    How u delete or format ntfs partition

    hay everyone can u help me. how u delete or format ntfs partition? i need to get it out or format it if u want to Email me it is codename951@yahoo.com thank bye :cry: