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Spacetime explanation to describe non-gravitational forces

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    Why can't distortions in spacetime be used to describe the fundamental forces other than gravity, i.e. the electromagnetic force, the strong nuclear force, and the weak force?
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    Objects with different charge follow different trajectories. You cannot explain that with straight trajectories in curved space time.
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    It's not so much that they "can't" as that nobody has ever invented a theory in which they do. There is no reason in principle why there could not be a theory in which all forces are explained as disturbances in some multi-dimensional manifold. For the disturbances to explain additional forces, I expect the manifold would need more than four dimensions.

    But nobody has yet invented a falsifiable theory of that type.
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    I think string theory tries to explain forces with geometry. Not with 4D space-time, but with 10+D space with 6D compactified Calabi Yau space. Don't ask me what all this means though.
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    The Kaluza-Klein theory attempted to include ElectroMagnetism into the 4D space of Relativity by adding a 5th dimension. The various string theories attempt to extend this idea further.
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