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Spatial and temporal interrelationships

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    human ecology
    1: a branch of sociology dealing especially with the spatial and temporal interrelationships between humans and their economic, social, and political organization
    2: the ecology of human communities and populations especially as concerned with preservation of environmental quality (as of air or water) through proper application of conservation and civil engineering practices
    [M-W's Col. Dic.]

    1: What are these "spatial and temporal interrelationships"?

    2: What is difference between 'human communities' and 'human populations', and what is the purpose of mentioning them both in the definition?
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    Spatial would refer to geographic, areal or regional matters, as opposed to temporal or time-based dependencies.

    The term communities infers social interaction and functional interrelationships as opposed to simply quantity, or population (numbers).
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    And "temporal" refers to time. In this case how interrelationships change as time moves on.
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