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Homework Help: Specific heat capacity and latent heat.

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    a 210 heater is places in 2 kg of water. What temperature rise is produced if the heater is switched on for 200 seconds?

    I need your help please.
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    You need to look up the specific heat capacity of water. Think about the units of specific heat capacity and the units of the quantities in the question. How can these all be combined to give you an answer in the correct units?
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    ^ I have no idea about that i posted this for an answer with good explaination please
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    Well, it's easy to look up the specific heat capacity for water... just type it into Google or something. Then you need to think about how to use this information - again, the units will be a big hint and will tell you what the specific heat capacity represents.
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    Also try looking for the relevant equation. That should help you along the way to determining the answer.
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