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Speculative; map of Lakes region w/ much higher water levels

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    I remember this forum from years back as a good place to ask speculative science questions, so I figured I'd give you guys first dibs. Sorry if I put this thread in the wrong place.

    I'm doing some fantasy world-building, and I'm curious as to what the Great Lakes would look like at various stages of a dramatic increase in water level. To the point where they're no longer instantly recognizable as the Great Lakes on a map, basically. My web-fu didn't turn up anything, so I'm turning to you guys.

    Here are a couple of images that inspired my quest:


    I'd love to see a map like those, but for the Great Lakes region, if the Lakes' water levels were raised enough to make them unrecognizable to the layman. I'd like to see them raised enough that they start to merge into one (biting off big chunks of Michigan or the like and turning them into islands would be a bonus), if that is at all feasible (if not, I'm open to suggestions, e.g. dams, that might make it so). Short of that, a good elevation map of the Lakes and the surrounding region would be great; I could drum up my own crude map that way.

    I'd also love to get my hands on a high res version of the first one (the bigger the better, but the resolution of the second map wouldn't disappoint), but presented clean, without the outline of current coastline, text, or graphic.

    Any ideas?
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    I guess the ideal would be software that would let me play with sea and water levels and spit out maps that look like my examples, but a man's got to rein in his expectations. :)
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