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Spring semester math

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    I have not signed for any classes yet but I am 100% certain I am going to take trig, chem, sociology/philosophy. I can take one other class and I was leaning towards a math class because I want to build my math skills before I head into calculus (trig is a prerequisite). I have options between finite mathematics and statistics.

    My current focus is chemistry and I do not know which course is better for a chem major or if at all either is helpful. BOth of these classes require only college algebra certification with no calculus. DO you think either one be worth taking, and if so which and why? I am leaning towards the finite math course.

    If I do not sign for another math I will have to sign for both sociology and philosophy or antoher liberal art.
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    Both courses are useful. Statistics is probably more so for a chem major, but finite math might be better preperation for calculus since it lends itself easily to the theorem and proof structure you'll be seeing in calculus. If this was me choosing and I could only take one or the other I would go with statistics. If I was going to take both eventually anyway, I would go with finite math first because it will help you better understand calc, and calc will probably help you understand statistics.
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    Isn't it kind of late to sign up for classes for spring?
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    This obviously depends on the university. In some, the fall term has not even ended yet. At mine, we can still sign up for courses any time within the first two weeks of the semester.
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    I did not know that some schools fall semesters go till january. How do they celebrate christmas and new years?
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    Millions of people will be celebrating Christmas and New year;

    Christmas, January 7th
    New year, January 14th

    EGYPTIANS, and many, many more

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    At my uni we're on the quarter system, Fall quarter ended at the beginning of December, Winter is just starting, and then we'll have Spring in about 11-12 weeks.
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