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Standard PPM servo interface with matlab

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    I need some help here. I need to have a standard PPM servo interface with matlab so that I can give it a command in simulink and have a response.

    I found this device, which eliminates the need to use PPM in simulink.

    http://www.parallax.com/detail.asp?product_id=28823 [Broken]

    Basically, it takes the servo command and converts it to a serial USB port. Now, I need to know how do I open this com port in simulink and get it to work? Im not an EE, and I dont know how to do this. I have used the com port once before in matlab, but not simulink.

    Any help, PLEASE!?

    -this is what happens when an ME takes an EE lab course. It hits the fan. :frown:
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    I had to help come up with a microcontroller for my senior design project, and being an ME I had no idea where to start. But, I will tell you I came out with a very robust design using Parallax products and talking to their technical support people who are very knowledgeable. I would definitely try calling tech support and see if they can help.
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    I called the guy on the phone. He says all I need to do is open a com port and send it serial information through a string with a ! and a carrage return.

    Lets hope it works. I rush ordered one today. Should be here tomorrow. If I cant get this to work, im in big trouble.
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    No, just matlab. Is dSpace an equivalent to Simulink?
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    You write your control mechanism in simulink (incl. filters, modulation etc.) and compile it in dSpace -- you can add nobs and buttons in a nice gui which controls your apparutus through the dSpace interface -- through BNC (sp?) cables.

    Sorry for being a bit vague on the technicalities -- I've used it a lot but am not so clued up on the jargon.
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    How do you try to connect Simulink to paralax motor?
    Can this using microcontoller via serial port?
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    Re: Matlab

    Regarding dSpace

    Do you know how to use the Serial UART (RS232) in dSpace? I am trying to use a sensor which gives data for RS232 in ASCII format. I tried using Serial UART of dSpace but it gives numbers which don't make sense..
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    Re: Matlab

    I have a 2-D modeling problem. I used Matlab pdetool to solve a 2-D axisymmetric problem. pdetool gives T (temperature) distribution and grad(T) distribution. What I need is the surface flux (in the norm) direction. My shape is irregular (like half of an egg shell). Matlab's quiver will not provide this. Is there a function somewhere that I can use to get the norm component of grad(T) generated by pdetool? Maybe I can use a function somewhere to calculate the norm direction first. This kind of problems must have been solved in some application areas already.

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