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A servo tab is a small hinged device installed on an aircraft control surface to assist the movement of the control surfaces. Introduced by the German firm Flettner, servo tabs were formerly known as Flettner tabs. Servo tabs are not true servomechanisms, as they do not employ negative feedback to keep the control surfaces in a desired position; they only provide a mechanical advantage to the pilot.

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  1. K

    A Spectrum analyzer for cavity locking

    Hello! I apologize for this question not being very well defined by I am really confused by the topic and I am not even totally sure what to ask. Basically I have an optical cavity and I am trying to lock a laser to it. I have a commercial servo for that, but I still need to adjust the PID loop...
  2. K

    Reducing the voltage from a servo

    Hello! I am trying to control a laser frequency (locking it to a cavity) using a servo (implementing a PID loop). The servo can output voltages between -10 V and 10 V while the laser can only take between -4 V and 4 V. What is the best way to make sure that the voltage to the laser stays below 4...
  3. L

    Orbital shaker - DC servo or stepper motor

    Hi, I wish to build an orbital shaker (a bigger version of these examples: https://learn.adafruit.com/crickit-lab-shaker https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2983846 As my aim is that it will work continuously for months around 100rpm what is preferred in aspects of heat and weight on top of...
  4. K

    I Optimizing PID Parameters for Laser Servo Locking

    Hello! I am a bit confused about locking a laser to a stable cavity in practice. I understand there are 2 stages. In the first one you scan the laser frequency and the signal you see on an oscilloscope is made of peaks corresponding to when the laser is on resonance with the cavity. In this step...
  5. M

    I Question about a Servo setup (locking a laser to a cavity)

    Hello! I am trying to understand the properties of a laser I am trying to lock to a cavity. I would like to adjust its wavelength in order to achieve the locking. I attached below a part of the properties that I am confused about (I emailed the company, too, but I haven't heard back yet). I...
  6. B

    What is the difference between rated speed and output speed in servo motors?

    Hi Everyone, What is the difference between "Rated speed nC(1/min)" and "output speed" in servo motors. At the same time While "rated motor speed" is 1405(1/min) in gearbox catalogue, Rated speed is 3000 (1/min) in servo motor catalogue for the same gearbox. If someone has a knowledge about...
  7. kolleamm

    Can increasing voltage or changing the motor size help maximize servo torque?

    I'm thinking of ways I could increase the torque on my servo motors without changing the overall size too much. So far the only idea that comes to mind is replacing the small motor that drives it with a slightly bigger motor that has more windings, would that help?
  8. theycallmevirgo

    Servo duty cycle and overdriving

    What kind of service life can I expect from small hobby servomotors? Can I exceed current rating for increased power? How will that affect duty cycle? Thanks so much in advance Joe
  9. Mzzed

    Servo Motor Voltages: 12V vs. 14V Explained

    I would like to understand why servo motors often state they are a "12V servo" but then in the datasheet they will refer to tests and torque ratings at 14V? I'm assuming 14V is chosen due to common lipo battery voltages, but then why call it a 12V servo motor?
  10. O

    The torque (and stalling torque) of a servo motor

    I'm using a servo to lift a pen. The pen and a bit of mechanism weights 35g. The servo I use to bring the pen up and down claims to have a torsional moment of 1.5kg/cm. Sometimes they call it torque in the specs. But surely that does not mean they are claiming that if I hung a 1.5kg weight a 1...
  11. L

    Measure the torque of a servo motor

    I have a servo motor which rotates 180 degrees. I want to calculate torque of the motor. To calculate the torque I'm thinking of lifting a load of a known value, with a known angular velocity. But I am struggling to find/calculate the torque based on these values. Does anyone know how to do this...
  12. S

    Determining Torque for this problem

    Hi, Could someone please help me with this. I need to move an object which weighs 300 g horizontally, which is linked to a linear actuator consisting of rack and pinion arrangement which is driven by a servo motor. The speed at which the object should move is 3 m/s and the distance is 0.5 m...
  13. mbrmbrg

    Limit Switch, Servo Motor Resources

    I need a better understanding of limit swtiches and servo motors than I'm getting from Wikipedia :) Any website/textbook recommendations? (My background is physics.) TIA!
  14. S

    Is My Servo Motor Calculated Correctly for My Gearbox?

    I am running into a minor snag and would like to know if I am going in the right direction or not. Most gearbox catalogs rate everything for input HP rather than input torque. Would I be able to calculate the motor HP by rearranging the Torque(in-lb) = HP*63025 / rpm, or in this case...
  15. cpcoe

    AC vs DC servo motors in large scale cable robot design

    hi, I'm designing a 50ftx50ft, 8-cable Cable Driven Parallel Robot and am thinking this is a pivotal decision. the corner posts are 10ft tall and the machine should be able to lift 100lbs at least 5ft off the ground. traveling speed of the end effector is less important than accuracy but I'm not...
  16. J

    Magnetic encoder signal processing

    I've been using DC motors with magnetic hall effect encoders on them to measure position control. It's basically a feedback servomotor system. i've so far been feeding the signal into my microcontroller's interrupts. This has been causing some problems with my timers and program. Let's say the...
  17. G

    Engineering How Does Adjusting Parameter B Affect Servo Motor Friction and System Damping?

    Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations [/B] I'm studying a mathematical behaviour of a servo motor and I need some help to understand it. The output signal is \$\beta (t)\$, representing the angle rotated by the axis at instant t, in relation to the equilibrium position. On the servomotor...
  18. J

    Should I use a potentiometer or Quadrotor encoder?

    Specifications: Measuring angle from -90 to + 90 degs. Low friction Low moment of inertia Requires high speed Accuracy about 1° degree. Needs to be durable, handle mechanical vibration I use a dc motor as an actuator, this is a custom built servo. This is a very small device, and the encoder...
  19. T

    How to know that your Arduino can handle a servo motor?

    I am very new to electronics. How to know if my Arduino can handle a motor? I have a "Carson-model Sport 500502015 CS3 Reflex racing servo" - is it ok and how to know? Afrotechmods said that plugging a bigger motor (anything that draws more than a few mA) would be bad for an Arduino. How can I...
  20. adamaero

    Red (power: pin 2) wire for servo motor not connected

    Why is the red (power: pin 2) wire for the servo motor not connected to anything in this circuit? https://github.com/samyk/combobreaker/blob/master/Eagle Files/ComboBreaker_top.pngAlso, on the "bottom" schematic, the ground is connected to the feedback (potentiometer wiper) line...
  21. H

    Quanser cube servo, any expereince with it?

    does not come cheap. looks like a great educational device to teach control. anyone use it? http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/212417
  22. Fizzics

    Power measurement of a servo motor using simple instruments

    Hello all, I have a 1kw 3 phase 10 pole servo motor which is powered from 240 volt ac single phase supply via an invertek p2 controller/inverter. The motor is only operated for short high speed bursts and I would really like to be able to measure the power usage of the motor using formula and...
  23. kolleamm

    Reducing servo motor jitter noise

    I have a digital servo that makes a lot of jittering noise. The motor itself works great, however when you set it to a certain position while applying a force it will make a jittering sound as it tries to find the optimal position, which is pretty common for digital servos to do. My question is...
  24. Fizzics

    Is it Possible to get over 90% efficiency from a servo motor

    ...If so what would the highest figure be whilst running a 1kw (single or 3 phase) motor under normal conditions also would using a 10:1 Gearbox change that efficiency level?
  25. G

    What is the required torque for a servo to swing a 5lb golf club at 120 MPH?

    Homework Statement I am building a servo, to hold a golf club, and hit golf balls. My problem is, I do not know how powerful of a servo is required to swing the weight of the club/apparatus. Homework Equations The arm of that holds the club, including the club, is 5 lbs. Most of the weight...
  26. C

    Can You Help Me Achieve a 5x DC Gain for Opamp Output Voltage?

    Hello, I need an opamp that can output +/- 150v without paying $500 for a high voltage opamp. I need a workaround solution, I'm thinking of a 5x DC gain of the opamp output voltage but I am totally clueless on how to achieve this. Any ideas?
  27. Peter8899

    Using a Servo motor as load on a system

    Can a Servo motor (or any electric motor) be used as a load on a system ? meaning can it reprisent for example a certain dead weight ? If we had a motor driving some gears connected to the shaft of the motor, In order to apply a certain load on the system could i put another motor on the other...
  28. S

    What is the required current for maximum torque in a 33 kg cm servo motor?

    I have recently purchased this servo motor ,which has rated stall torque of 33 kg cm at 6V. Statical current :16 mA Stall Current: 3+0.6 AOur technical query is,in order to obtain the maximum torque..what current do we need to be able to supply it Is 16 mc sufficient..or we need 3.5A?
  29. S

    Automotive Automatic brake applying system

    Hi fellas! I need to develop a system for a self driving car which involves automatically presses brake,clutch and accelerator when required.I am planning to use a servo for this purpose and have some trouble identifying the torque requirements! How much torque do i need?assume the lever...
  30. T

    5 wire Japan Servo AS27278

    Hello there! I have here a servo motor - Japan Servo AS27278 but don't have any idea about it. I make some researches on uncle Google about this model or kind of motor and fortunately I was redirected in here. Hoping somebody out here on this site knows and have knowledge about this kind and...
  31. N

    Servo or stepper motor for robotic leg?

    Hey all, simple question, when building a robotic leg (a small one, bout 30 cm with two partitions, thigh and calf) would one use a stepper motor or a servo? We want the leg to keep its position (as though it were a dc motor attached to a worm gear) and be able to lift 2kg. Any advice...
  32. L

    Arduino and DC Solid State Relay 'Flicker'

    Hi, thank you for your help in advance. I have a circuit configured as shown in this image. I got this arrangement from an earlier thread. An arduino controls a DC solid state relay, and it works fine when my load is a simple LED. The arduino is controlling through a digital output header and...
  33. V

    Servo vs ? for lift/winch/hoist

    Hello. As many others here, I am starting a project that involves some engineering and will at some point, if I go ahead with it, require an engineer to design and certify. But for now I'd like to understand the principals involved and dust off some of my 1st year physics and see how much of it...
  34. E

    High Frequency Servo shielding and grounding on robot?

    I have an issue that appears to be relating to noise mitigation and grounding. Some background on myself is I have a mechanical engineering technology degree. But my job requires an ability to work with and troubleshoot electrical issues. Currently a customer is using a Servo motor on an end...
  35. Q

    Max Load Capacity: Calculating Total Torque for Dual Servo Motors

    The servo motor that I'm using says it has torque of 1.89 kg-cm. And the radius of the wheel I'm using is 3.5 cm. So i wanted to know how much load can two of these motors can together carry?
  36. A

    4 in lift mechanism using a continuous servo?

    Hi, I need to design a lift mechanism that is powered by a small continuous servo. It needs to lift a plate up at least 4 inches, and be totally powered by this servo...
  37. M

    Struggling to find a way to measure rotary torque

    Homework Statement I have been struggling, for over a month now, to find a way to measure instantaneous torque from a servo motor. Here's a servo that look similar to the one I'm using: https://www.servocity.com/html/spg805a-bm_standard_rotation.html I need to find a way to measure the torque...
  38. J

    Mounting a small ultrasonic sensor to a continuous rotation servo

    I'm an Arduino electronics hobbyist I'm not a professional electrical engineer. How would I mount a small ultrasonic sensor on a continuous rotation servo, without tangling the wires? How would I fix this problem easily and what's the most common way to mount electronics in a rotating object...
  39. J

    Brushless gimbal motors vs servo?

    anybody know anything about stabilization systems? I posted the question "Servo vs. Stepper motor for stabilization" before, and I eventually learned that stepper motor draw power while holding position, which servos do not, so I was fixated on servos for a while. Then I started realizing how...
  40. J

    Do I need a 360 servo or stepper motor?

    Hey guys. Jarfi here, I'm working on some gear, a system powered by a rotation that needs to move at least 360 degrees. Requirements: Fast rotations(used for stabilization) Fast response time needs to be able to hold a position like servos do needs to be not too big, under 5x5cm area and...
  41. M

    Measuring Torque from a Servo

    Homework Statement Hi guys, I am attempting to experimentally measure torque from two rods connected to a servo. Let's say rod A stays fixed, and the servo, mounted at the end of rod A (at joint J) moves rod B to a certain angle θ with a velocity v. In addition to velocity and angle, I also...
  42. Fuichris

    Pulley / Fraying - "Mechanical Flower" Project

    Hi all, "MECHANICAL FLOWER PROJECT" I'm working on a personal hobby art project (non-academic, non-commercial, non-governmental) where I'm mechanizing petals of a plastic flower. Basically, making petals curl open and close. *Please see picture and video. GOAL: To pull continously without...
  43. F

    Calculating Load Capacity for a Linear Servo: Is My Math Correct?

    I have a linear slider with the following specs: Max allowable dynamic moment: 36.3 Nm Load capacity based on acceleration of: 0.3G Offset distance from center of slider to center of load: 305mm Mass of load: 50lb I did the following calcuation 36.2N*m = X(Kg) * 305mm * 0.3G *...
  44. C

    Designing a hydraulic servo system

    Dear all, For a project I'm going to design a servo system that will output an amplified hydraulic pressure, whereas the input is a force or pressure as well (not per se hydraulic). Output and input must directly connected due to the force feedback. I don't have a lot of experience with...
  45. P

    Savox SB2272MG Digital Servo: Precise Enough for Sinusoidal Motion?

    I bought a Savox servo motor (http://www.savoxusa.com/Savox_SB2272MG_Digital_Servo_p/savsb2272mg.htm) I'm planning on using the motor to generate a pitching motion sinusoidally from 0 to 60 degrees back to 0 and so on... Do you guys think this motor is precise enough to generate the...
  46. N

    Servo Mechanism to initiate movement of an electric motor trolley

    hey, So I am working on this project where I am trying to come up with a motor set up to drive two wheels of a trolley. The entire trolley weighs 650 kgs and i require a motor with a torque of about 400Nm. I want to set it up in such a way that i want to be able to apply very little force to...
  47. T

    Creating a remote starter for servo motor

    I need some help with this guys. I'm by no means an electrical engineer, although I am an IT Administrator, I'm looking for some advice or a direction of where to start. I've got a servo motor that I would like to set up to start remotely. Where do I need to start, and how do I go about...
  48. T

    Variable Frequency Drive vs. Servo Drive

    I'm wondering what the difference is between a VFD and servo drive are. I'm pretty familiar with VFDs but not so much with servo drives. From what I read, would the following assumptions be correct? A variable frequency drive without an encoder module will adjust the frequency and amplitude...
  49. I

    Develop servo controllers and develop servo drivers

    Hi friends, I have several questions that are related to develop servo controllers and develop servo drivers, so if you know something or you know one good website with an article that talk about one thing that is correlated to one of these things so I will glad if you can write it in this a...
  50. P

    How to measure current through servo and how to calculate it's power

    Hi guys. I am using a servo motor in one of my projects. I would like to calculate the power the motor is inputting into my system. I will use the equation P=IV to calculate my power. Voltage across my motor will be constant. It's about 5V since that's the voltage required to run the motor...