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  1. Cathr

    Finding Fresnel coefficients from the interface conditions

    Homework Statement We have an incident electric field, and there are two cases: 1) the field is polasised perpendicularly to the incidence plane (TE) 2) polarised in the plane (TM) Here I must be able to correctly apply the limit conditions, to find the Fresnel formulas that give the...
  2. Cathr

    I Finding the Fresnel coefficients from interface conditions

    I'm studying for an exam (so this is existential) and I never really got how to write the limit conditions for an interface. In my problem, there is an incident electric field, and there are two cases: 1) the field is polasised perpendicularly to the incidence plane (TE) 2) polarised in the...
  3. S

    How do I get this interface condition?

    Homework Statement I have an infinitely long cylinder of a dielectric material, surrounded by another dielectric material and coated with graphene which has surface conductivity \sigma, implying it has a superficial current. The sheet of graphene is very thin, and the dielectrics are asumed to...
  4. S

    Interface conditions on a graphene interface

    Homework Statement I'm trying to do all the calculations for the attached paper, and I'm having trouble with the boundary conditions for P polarization. My question is, how can I arrive to those conditions? The problem is 2D, an infinite dielectric cylinder coated with a layer of graphene...
  5. F

    Electrochemistry : characterizing the electrode-electrolyte

    Hello guys (and gals), I have mostly a background in Physics, but I've recently had to get some knowledge on electrochemistry, and more precisely on electrode-electrolyte interface. From "Modern Electrochemistry 2A : Fundamentals of Electrodics" by Bockris I gathered that in the case of a...
  6. E

    Wave reflection and refraction, relations between angles

    Hello! This post is strictly related to my previous one. Let's consider the same context and the same image. Regarding the oblique incidence of a wave upon an interface between two dielectric, all the texts and all the lectures write an equation like the following: e^{-j k_1 y \sin \theta_i} +...
  7. E

    Electromagnetic wave incidence on interface

    Consider the problem shown in the "wave_incidence_1.png" attached image. An electro-magnetic wave is travelling towards an interface between its current medium and a new medium, which has a refractive index n_2 \neq n_1. The interface is represented by the (x,y) plane. The electric field...
  8. T

    Reference wanted: surface and interface

    I am a Ph.D. student just beginning my research. Recently, I found several papers about surface and interface interesting, so I want to know more about this area. However, I cannot find any specific review which can give me an overview of this area. Can anyone give me a link to such literature?
  9. Mr.Robot

    Interfacing 8 Bit ALU on LCD ( fpga kit )

    I have the code of 8 bit ALU and code of lcd controller mounted on spartan 3E fpga kit. but i am unable to sync the program. Please help me with it! Thank you!
  10. B

    Gibbs adsorption and cross-sectional area?

    I am referring to the paper entitled "New Adsorption Model -Theory, Phenomena and New Concept - " which is published in J. Oleo Sci. ( I have question on your paper on paragraph 3 page 2 stating "The important finding is that...