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Starting community college, need advice.

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    I am out of high school now at the age 16 (took the California High school proficience exam) and now I will be going to the local community college next semester. I hope to major in physics+mathematics when I transfer. I have taken up to alegebra 2 (failed a semester of it though) so I will probobly be placed in Intermideate alegebra but maybe I can self study and place higher??? This next semester I would like to just ease into college as I didn't do the greatest in highschool. I plan to take College chemistry (5) (not intro to chem but first semester chemistry :) ) A math class (3-5) and German I (5) does this seem to much? That is 15 credits yet seems like nothing. Any advice for me as I start my adventure towards physics would be very nice. I have a few months till next semester to prepare for the math placement test.
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    Anyone willing to help me out?
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    Only you can decide how much is too much for you. And, really, nothing you've asked us wouldn't be better asked of a counselor at your community college who knows the offerings better.
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    *review lectures the day you receive them

    *work problems everyday

    *read ahead

    *play hard but not harder than you work

    Have you tried khan academy for self study?
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    i would say you should definitely try self studying and trying to place higher for math, because if your community college is anything like mine, you might have a hard time getting the math or physics classes you need.
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    This is especially true with my CC; there is a severe lack of physics and math majors, so the upper-level courses are provided as needed, on a need-basis depending on how many students are eligible and want to take those classes for the semester. Sometimes when not enough students enroll before the deadline, they drop the course entirely so then you have a lack of classes to take because they don't offer any other upper-level classes or you've taken them already.
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    Exactly the same problem at my CC, which is why I am transferring early, before I get my AS degree. It's a shame, and it's been a bit stressful at times hoping my class doesn't get dropped, but I still don't regret going to my CC -- it has been a great experience.
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