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Static/kinetical friction coefficient

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    I 'd like to know the static/kinetical friction coefficient between rubber- steel (the most commonly used), I searched the internet but whithout succes
    the application is: a conveyor belt that makes contact with a troughing roller)
    anyone can help me ?

    thank you !
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    This will be highly dependent on the particulars of the two materials. Different types can have vastly different friction coefficients.
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    and how can I determine those numbers, I just want an average value for the friction

    thank you
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    You can use this one:

    Generally, if you need to use data like this, you need to be very conservative in your approach because it can vary widely due to the actual materials being used, and even due to contaminants such as water or oil that may get between the parts. If the design is such that you don't want the parts to slide, a conservatively low value for the coefficient is used. If you need it to slide, a high value is used. Take into consideration that your particular interface might be subject to contamination.
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    hey, I did find out the two materials:

    steel (in general) and polyester (PE)
    I have to know the friction because I want to know the power losses when I want to drive this PE belt across a serie of troughing idler( those supporte the belt when there weight on it)

    thank for the help!
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