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Stick with C++ or learn something different?

  1. Jun 11, 2013 #1
    Hi. I am finishing my last year in High School and I have a question about programming. For a year or two I had been taught Free Pascal but the last year (grade 12) we have been taught some C++. My C++ knowledge is not as wide as it could or probably should be but I am familiar with the basics of cycles, arrays and other aspects of this level. However, I have not really touched on strings.

    Moving on to my question: should I deepen my knowledge in C++ (and if so, what topics and things should I learn that would help me with physics simulations) or should I move onto another, maybe a better physics oriented language?
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    C++ is a fine language to learn. It allows you to program in various paradigms, allows you to make very efficient programs and is widely used. However, it is a very large language, and, it has a lot of features that only serve to maintain compatibility with old standards.
    But, if you stick to STL, i think its pretty easy to learn.

    Another language I can recommend you is Python. Its easy to learn and very fun to program in and allows for prettier programs than C++.
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    Do a forum search. This topic gets discussed here frequently and at length.
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