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Homework Help: Straight wires carrying current

  1. Oct 6, 2009 #1
    I've tried to find this repeatedly in my text book, but my teacher told us to ignore the book and then didn't do a great job explaining it, but here goes...

    A conventional current is flowing into the page (-Z direction) along a straight wire placed at the origin O perpendicular to the page. (see attachment)

    Question 1: The magnetic field due to the current at P will be in the direction of: +X, -X, +Y, -Y, or +Z?

    Using the right hand rule I got -Y direction. Is this correct?

    Question 2: If there was a second, straight wire, carrying a current, at P (perpendicular to the page), where the current is in the +Z direction (out of the page), what is the direction of magnetic force on this 2nd wire? The choices are: +X, -X, +Y, -Y, or -Z

    My guess is +X, but I'm not confident with that answer. I know there is another right hand rule to use here, but i don't get how it works. Can someone answer and explain?

    Thank you.
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    There's no attachment, so I'd just be guessing to try to help you. Can you try posting the attachment?

    For the force thing in the 2nd part, use the equation F = qv X B. Are you familiar with that force equation for moving charges (with vector velocity v) in a magnetic field?
  4. Oct 6, 2009 #3
    I've attached the image here. Thanks!

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    Based on the diagram, your answers (not guesses!) are correct. Good job.
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    BTW, did you use F = qv X B to solve the 2nd part of the question, or some other method?
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    In the problem, I wasn't given any values to plug into the formula F=qv x B. It just asks which direction the force would be going, not the magnitude. It's a big picture kind of question, which is my weak point. I'm better with values and solving equations.

    The question asks: If there were a second, straight wire carrying a current at P, perpendicular to the page, where the current is in the +Z (out of the page) direction, the magnetic force on this current carrying 2nd wire will be along either: +x, -x, +y, -y, or -z?

    Also, was I correct with my first answer of -y for the direction of the magnetic field?

    Thanks again.
  8. Oct 7, 2009 #7
    Oh sorry! I just saw your answer. Thanks for your help!!!
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