Strand conjecture published with testable predictions

In summary, the new paper has been published and it discusses the predictions of the strand conjecture.
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The new paper "Testing a conjecture on the origin of the standard model" Eur. Phys. J. Plus 136, 79 (2021). has been published. Springer allows to read it online at .

Over 100 numbered experimental predictions about physics beyond the standard model are made. So far, all predictions agree with data, including the spectrum of elementary particles, the possible gauge interactions and their gauge groups, as well as the detailed properties of the elementary particles. All predictions are deduced from a single principle at the Planck scale. Almost all predictions are not made by other conjectures found in the research literature on theoretical or phenomenological particle physics.
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One aim of this specific forum is to answer questions about physics beyond the standard model of particle physics. Such answers are by nature predictions on future experimental results, and thus not yet reliable. The strand conjecture at provides such predictions, but in an unexpected direction. While agreeing with the standard model and even explaining its origin, strands also predict in great detail that there is no physics beyond the standard model:
  1. No new elementary particles (not even for dark matter), because there are no possible tangles left over;
  2. No new gauge groups, because tangle core deformations only allow U(1), SU(2), and SU(3);
  3. No new energy scales with new physics up to the Planck scale, because tangles do not allow this;
  4. No new dimensions, because tangles do not allow them;
  5. No effects of non-commutative space, no micro-wormholes, no topology changes at small scales, and no quantum foam, because they are impossible in the fundamental principle of the strand conjecture;
  6. No new forces, symmetries, or effects, because they cannot arise in the fundamental principle of the strand conjecture.
These disappointing predictions all follow from the single fundamental principle that describes nature at the Planck scale. The predictions are in stark contrast with other models on high energy physics in the literature.

There are also a number of positive predictions:

7. Massive Dirac neutrinos with normal mass ordering.
8. The tension between the muon g-2 measurements and the future, more precise calculations of the hadronic effects using the standard model will disappear.

All these prediction are in contrast with the hopes of many people in the field. The coming years will show whether they continue to be correct. (They were made in 2014.) Of course, experiments decide, and the predictions might well turn out to be wrong.
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The strand conjecture agrees with all experiments so far. And it is simple. It explains everything around us starting from a basic principle. It explains the particle spectrum and the force spectrum. It solves all open questions in partcile physics (for example, those listed in the wikipedia ...) No other proposal does so, at present. Just for completeness, it can be read for free at .

The strand conjecture also has a further property. Some people get really angry about it. The past discussions in this forum show it. Correspondence with data is not sufficient for some people. Some people need something more from a description of physics, something emotional. They need something that nature does not provide. And then they get angry when they see such a simple proposal.

What do these people need? What do they dream about?
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Looks like no one else is interested in your model. This forum is the wrong place for monologues.
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