Strenth of 1 Molar Sulfuric Acid Solution

  1. Me and some friends recently stumbled upon a 1M solution of Sulfuric Acid. It's in a small 30 ml bottle and has no distinct smell. After running a few amateur experiments (pouring it on stuff), we concluded that it is either extremely weak or simply water. I know from ap chemistry a few years ago that a 1M solution would contain a mole of H2SO4 per liter, or something of the sort, but I am not sure how strong this is. Is there any tests that i could do to tell if this is simply water or if someone diluted the mixture even further? Or is it extremely obvious from the explanation that it is water?
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    If pH is much higher than about 1, it might be less than 1 M sulfuric acid - exact pH value I'm not sure. If pH is higher than about 2, you can titrate to find the exact concentration (you can titrate the acid no matter the pH, really.). In case the pH is over 6, it is far too dilute to be close to 1 M.
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    Have you reacted it with baking soda?
  5. Yea I finally got some ph strips and found the ph to be 1 surprisingly. Why does it not corrode anything. Although i warned him not to, a crazy friend poured a large amount on himself and it did nothing.
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    pH 1 means it is about as concentrated as hydrochloric in your stomach. Not very high concentration of acid.
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    At 1 M the solution would be irritating after a couple of minutes.
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